32nd TOPIK 중급 Study Log # 3

These past few days I’m working on my intermediate vocabs. I managed to take note of all the words I do not know from the 18th TOPIK paper (and they are A LOT!) and I’m trying to go over them regularly.

I also printed the TOPIK Intermediate Vocabulary List from TOPIK.com. And no, I have no intentions of memorizing them. But I’m going over them one by one and I’m marking all the words I know. Will go over the list again as I progress in answering previous TOPIK papers and hopefully I can mark more and more words.

I also started doing a spreadsheet for words I am often confuse with. Words like 줄다, 졸다, 조르다 or 제하다, 제시하다 or 유지하다, 유치하다; and closely related words such as 사업, 상업, 기업, 장사, 무역, 직업, 직장, 취직 and 예금, 저금, 입금, 보증금. When I was a beginner, knowing what is X is Korean is enough for me, but now not only do I have to know that X can be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, but I also have to know how is A different from B and how B is different from C etc.

I’m not fond of memorizing but I came up with a crazy little idea to review my new vocabs. I’m currently going to the gym regularly. I used to count in Korean while doing my sets to practice my Korean counting skills but it’s kinda 재미없다 since it’s just from 하나 to 열다섯. So this time before I go to the gym, I prepare 15 new words and I use this words are my counter for my sets instead of 하나 둘 셋. It can be nerve-wracking especially when my muscles are aching already while I’m holding the weights and I can’t remember my next word, but I must it’s more fun than counting with numbers.

I’ll probably focus on vocabs for the next couple of weeks, then will do more grammar after. And then focus on writing and listening 2 weeks before the exam. I wish there’s more time. It’s getting more and more fun!

4 thoughts on “32nd TOPIK 중급 Study Log # 3

  1. Your experimental ways of studying sounds super fun, hahaha. I remember my friend who prays the rosary while washing dishes, using the utensils and plates as rosary beads, lol. Anyway, TOPIK is getting nearer, do you consider yourself ready? 🙂 And how hard is TOPIK 중급 versus 초급? Looking at the words you’ve typed, I don’t know most of them >.<

    • Ready? Not yet! And I don’t think I’ll ever be! OTL But I can say I’m a bit better than how I was when I sat on the exam last year. The gap between the 초급 and the 중급 is pretty wide. Even if I was able to breeze through the 충급 exam 3 years ago I am still struggling with the sample papers for 중급. I guess the jump from beginner (Sogang1,2 / Yeonsei 1,2) to intermediate (Sogang 3,4 / Yeonsei 3, 4) in general is quite difficult. 😦

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