32nd TOPIK 중급 Study Log # 1

Today I literally wipe the dusts off old TOPIK papers and notes I studied last year when I was preparing for the 28th Intermediate TOPIK. I kinda left them sitting on my desk for almost a year now and they got really dusty.

Along with old TOPIK papers, I made a compilation of dialogues from my favorite dramas that uses vocabulary and grammar patterns I encountered in the TOPIK papers. I first read my drama script compilation and I was a bit surprised with myself because I was able to breeze through most of it. I put highlights, underlines and jotted down notes for words that I do not know and when I see them now I can’t believe that those were words that I didn’t know then.

Same goes when I go over an old TOPIK paper I answered last year for practice. There were many words that I know (and comfortably using now) were marked last year because I was struggling with them then.

And the funny thing is I have no idea that 1.) I learned that much in one year and 2.) how exactly I learned all of them! To be honest, I never really studied seriously after taking the 28th TOPIK last year – thus the dust-covered papers and notes.

Of course many things have happened this past year. I’ve stayed in Korea for a month and a half using only Korean everyday. I’ve been talking to AND stalking The Crush The Ex-Crush almost everyday. And I’ve overdosed on Korean dramas for the past 4 months.

What I’ve learned over the year though is not something I’m proud of. Had I studied seriously I wonder how much better I would be now. But nonetheless it makes me happy as I go over my notes and mutter to myself, “Seriously? You didn’t know that word/grammar pattern last year?”

Happy? Did I say happy?

Is this the effect of 보여줄께? ^^

Had I known that these little notes I crammed on the margins of these old TOPIK papers could make me feel happy, I would’ve checked them out months ago.

3:18am. Tired and sleepy. But my mind is still fully awake as I try to finish the 어휘 및 문법 section of the 18th TOPIK paper. Maybe I’ll continue until the 쓰기 section too. ^^ I love feeling this way again. Studying until morning. Getting excited in getting correct answers. Getting more excited in learning new things.

2 thoughts on “32nd TOPIK 중급 Study Log # 1

  1. Hello, i’m now trying to p can ass level three so could you please tell me from which website i use? And what is the best way to study for topik

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