Korean words I accidentally use when talking to friends

Inspired by korean words I accidentally use when talking to friends ㅋㅋ post of hanmiso. ^^

Just like hanmiso, I’m prone to using Korean expressions when I’m with friends, classmates or my co-workers especially these days because I just got back from Korea. It was even mentioned to me by one office mate a few days ago. She asked me if I’ve ever accidentally used Korean expressions when talking to our American clients. Luckily, I haven’t. However when with friends, or sometimes even strangers, Korean expressions would simply come out of my mouth accidentally.

Here’s my list for now:




아~ 진짜!



괜찮아 / 아냐, 괜찮아




몰라 / 아 몰라

말도 안돼!





어디 보자?

가자! / 갑시다!

미치겠다! / 미치겠다 정말

자쯩나! / 짱나!

좋아 / 좋았





How about you? What’s on your list?

6 thoughts on “Korean words I accidentally use when talking to friends

  1. great list! ^^ i Like it~~
    these days I also often say 참! or 자,.. ^^ I think it’s a good sign , talking in korean without realizing it at first 😀 ㅋㅋ
    Luckily you haven’t use them when talking to clientsㅋㅋ담에또봐~~

  2. Your list is so cute~ I mean I imagined everything with the intonation and expressions when they are said. Just like most female leads in rom-com K-dramas! ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. I have to admit to using 아이구!, 아휴, 젠장, and 헐 a lot. And then, there’s the occasional ㅅㅂ, too. The last one is especially odd because I don’t swear in English, but when it comes to Korean I have so much less apprehension — probably because it’s easier to think of them as just sounds disassociated from any meaning.

    • Haha! 젠장 and ㅅㅂ!
      Although I swear in 3 languages, I’m not too comfortable doing so in English yet I’m less apprehensive when it comes to Korean too. Maybe a part of me “feels” even 욕 sounds “pretty” in Korean language. Hahaha

  4. I used 헐 for twice but I think I still not getting use of it. HA. Maybe I think I used it not naturally enough. I used 괜찮아 a zillion times though. XD

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