Maybe In Another Universe, I Deserve You

Maybe… maybe in that other universe I’m good enough for you… maybe in that other universe… you love me as much as, if not more than, I love you… ㅠㅠ

7 thoughts on “Maybe In Another Universe, I Deserve You

  1. Alodia!!! I was so happy to read you again but became sad by reading your words and the reasons of your hiatus uhmmm oh my gosh, I dont know what happened exactly but, we all have hard time, and when it comes to love matters, we all have passed for those shitty things. Its part of the process of finding our right man, I have suffered my own broken heart alone so many times before when I first met my korean prince and the second one and third one… till i got to realize that men are men and you just have to take care of not getting one of those macho men in your way and similars… so well my point is that if you need someone to talk, just drop me a line whenever you want 🙂


    • Thanks Nadhia for making me realize that I’m not the only one who’s been to this hellish situation. It’s just so strong for me and was just too much for me to handle since I’ve never experienced this before. I guess I was so naive about the matters of the heart that I’ve let all my guards down from the get go only to be attacked with a sharp blow when I was least expecting it. Don’t be surprised if I’ll send you a kilometric-long email once of these days… I’m trying my best to be okay and I’m doing pretty well these past few days. But I’m sure you know that there will always be crazy days when you feel like after all the efforts, you’ll see yourself back to square one. 😦

      • oww just drop me a line whenever you want! 🙂 I will be so glad of reading every kilometer kkk In the end you will feel relieved cause as the old saying goes, what dont distroy you, make you stronger 😉

  2. If you want someone who doesn’t want to be with you to let go of his/her happiness and stay with you, only so YOU can be happy, it’s pure selfishness, which is different from love. Hahaha. Just chiming in… 🙂

  3. ㅠ i am saddened about this too ms.alodia. heartaches are really painful, no words could suffice to soothe anyone whose suffering. Healing is a process and i certainly hope you’re on your way now. Take your time, grief as much as you want. Rant as much as you want. Because at the end of every failed relationships there are only lessons learned. Pls do remember not to be too hard on yourself.
    We are here miss. and we believe in you!! ^^

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