My Korean is better in the morning!

My Korean is always better in the morning!

I’ve noticed this a few times now, but somehow I speak better and comprehend better in the morning XD.

When I was preparing a small event for I Do I Do in Korea last summer, Kim Sun Ah’s manager will always call me to update me or ask me for updates or give me instructions. It’s always a challenge for me and I felt really stressed to a point that I dread hearing the sound of my ringing phone and I wouldn’t want to press the receive button whenever I see x매니저님 or xx매니저님 on the caller ID. Don’t get me wrong, Kim Sun Ah’s managers were really nice and accommodating. But, of course, they speak Korean. Speaking is still a challenge for me (then and until now). And anyone learning Korean and have made a phone call in Korean would know how stressful it is to have a phone conversation if one is still not very good in Korean – like me.

Anyway, among the many phone calls we’ve had there was one call that happened in a bright early morning. And it was the smoothest phone call I’ve had with one of them. I was surprised I managed to finish the phone call with ease. I understood him 100% and I was able to express myself the way I want to with no awkward silence and no stuttering. After the phone call I told my friend, “I hope it’s always morning!”

Yesterday I spent most of my Saturday reading Kim Sam Soon. From morning to evening (in between work). I’ve highlighted words I do not know and marked sentences that I just can’t comprehend no matter how much I try to analyze them. This morning, before I resume my reading, I checked back the sentences I marked last night and I ended up understanding most of them now. And I realized that some words that I highlighted were words I already know. I didn’t do anything last night. I just had a good night’s sleep. XD

But I guess a good night’s sleep made a difference? Usually after a few hours of straight Korean practice (be it textbook reading or writing or whatnot) I’ll feel really drained and my “Korean brain” will turn gooey, making it all the more difficult as hours pass by. But in the morning, everything feels so fresh and I can comprehend better.

Is there anyone out there like me?


7 thoughts on “My Korean is better in the morning!

  1. Wow. That’s just fascinating!! I’ve not thought of that before, and haven’t experienced anything like it myself.. But it’s amazing to me that you can experience such a great difference in proficiency just by adjusting the time of day! Food for thought! 😉

    • Haha! Too much Korean kills me. I used to shut down after 55mins. Now, not anymore but the more hours I spent using Korean, the more difficult it is to keep up. I wish someday I won’t have to shut down and will have the same level of proficiency no matter what time of the day it is. 🙂

      • Aw I bet that day will come – you’ve been so persistent and hardworking all this while, & you’ve come sooo far! I’m sure you’ll just keep progressing & one day you’ll surprise yourself when you realize that the time of day makes no difference anymore!! 😉 Hwaiting! ^^

  2. I think it’s quite normal. If I study Korean late at night after a whole day of other activities that require brain activity of a certain level, I cannot do neeearly as much as when I study when I’m well rested. I end up looking up words that I ought to know, and I become really slow. If sufficiently tired I even make mistakes in my own language so my worst Korean blunders happen when I’m too tired to care if a sentence contains a verb or not… unfortunately that has actually happened – that was even in writing! After that I stopped working very late at night because next morning I would have to redo almost all of it anyway.

    • and with that I’m calling it a night! XD

      I’m still trying to do finish some translations but I think I better call it a night and just work on them tomorrow. 🙂

      • Haha, I seriously didn’t expect you to answer so quickly when I saw at what time my comment was posted in your time zone! 😀 especially considering how you were writing that your Korean brain goes into hibernation after a certain hour hehe 😉

      • Haha. My part time job usually ends at midnight and, though tired, it gives me trouble in sleeping right away. So I thought I’d do some more stuff before sleeping.

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