My Daily Dose of Korean

If it’s one of those days when I actually didn’t sleep through my alarm, I usually wake up with either an upbeat Korean music (these days it’s Rooftop Prince’s 해피엔딩) or one of those noisy-cute Korean ringtones (야! 받아! 빨리!). If I’m in the mood to check my phone (and if the battery is not all drained!), it’s entirely in Korean.

I would log-in to the internet and do my usual daily internet rounds. 1. Email – Not much Korean unless one my good Korean friends would send me long emails (but that’s quite rare). 2. Facebook – My Facebook is in Korean. I have some Korean friends / Korean-speaking friends so some of the posts in my newsfeed are in Korean. I follow stalk 2 people – Kim Sun Ah and my Korean crush. Both post only in Korean. So if they have something new, I will try to understand it, sometimes translate it (Kim Sun Ah’s posts at least) and I’ll leave a comment, in Korean of course, if I’m in the mood for it. Lucky if I get to chat with them – usually with The Crush, but sometimes with Kim Sun Ah as well. 3. Me2day – My me2day is in Korean too and most of my friends are Koreans. I usually just check it once a day (or sometimes I don’t) to check if Kim Sun Ah left a post. Would roughly read some of my friends posts in the process. 4. Blogs – 100% of the blogs I follow are all in English. But all of them are related to Korea/Korean. 5. Sunaforever Fan Cafe – Hardcore Korean reading – internet slang and all. If I have something interesting to say, I’d post in Korean in a blog-like/diary-style. If Kim Sun Ah have an ongoing project I frequent her DC Gallery too – also a hardcore Korean fansite.

If I have to go out (school, work, whatnot), I usually spend 1.5 hours at least (one-way) since I live outside the metro. My travel time is usually spent listening to Korean music/Korean drama audio/Korean lessons. And/or reading something in Korean. These days I interchange 중급 한국어2 and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon novel.

When I’m at home I’m usually in front of my computer. Korean music are in loop most of the time. Main stuff lately are 한국어2 and Kim Sam Soon novel because I’m trying to finish both. If there are some news about Kim Sun Ah I read them using FLTR (or even old news/articles / blog posts related or not to Kim Sun Ah). Translate them if I’m in the mood for it. Watch some Korean drama/movie (especially if there’s a drama that I can’t stop watching – right now it’s 18 vs 29). If I have time I’ll work on my current project. My little project now is compiling an itinerary of the places I want to visit in Korea. Though internet search is mostly in English, I also google for the Korean names and addresses of the places. I write/compile my itinerary in Korean (except for very specific directions). It involves a lot of typing in Korean! Sub-project: compiling all of Kim Sun Ah’s drama’s filming location – which involves re-watching her dramas (in full! yey!) and a lots of googling in Korean! Just finished compiling My Name Is Kim Sam Soon locations a week or 2 ago and currently re-watching When It’s At Night and will start compiling it’s filming locations once I’m done.

When I’m doing my part-time (online), I usually have 5-minute breaks in between 25-minute classes – usually my music will automatically turn on during the 5-minute break. Sometimes I have free time when there are no students. I’ll either continue reading 한국어2 or Kim Sam Soon. Or watch a Korean movie (if I have a new one downloaded) or try to catch up on my Korean dramas. Work on my itinerary project. Or just surf the internet (may not necessarily be in Korean but will most of the time be Korea/Korean related). Old TOPIK papers are on my desk all the time so I also browse on them sometimes – even while working. ㅋㅋㅋ

I would really love to read before sleeping, but I want to sleep with my lights out. And I’m too lazy to get up and turn it off when I’m finally sleepy. So I can’t read 한국어2 or Kim Sam Soon because I usually turn off the lights before I lie down. Sometimes mom watches Korean dramas on DVDs (we share a room). I don’t usually watch with her because we either watch different ones or we are not on the same episode. But I do hear it in the background while I do my own thing on my tablet. My own thing: either a Korean drama, a movie, Anki (but too lazy to do that recently), webtoon reading (these days it’s 와라편의점 and Penguin Loves), Korean blog reading, or some ebooks. Well, yes, sometimes movies, ebooks and blog readings are not in Korean. Sometimes. 🙂

Now, would I still be surprised if my Japanese is going nowhere?


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