“The Five” Prayer Ceremony



Today, Cinema Service confirmed the cast of upcoming movie The FiveYesterday, January 29, they held it’s 고사 or a prayer ceremony. The photo above are the confirmed cast. On the photo we have Jung In Ki (Cheongdamdong Alice) as Cheol Min, Park Hyo Joo as Hye Jin, Ma Dong Seok (H.I.T.) as Dae Ho, of course my dear Kim Sun Ah as Eun Ah, Oh Joo Wan as Jae Wook and Lee Chung Ah (Flowerboy Ramyun Shop) as Jung Ha. Another confirmed cast is Shin Jung Geun (City HallScent of A Woman – Seriously, he’s always with Suna Unnie!) as Nam Cheol.

Filming will start in the first half of February and expected to premiere on the second half of the year!

I’m e.x.c.i.t.e.d!!!!

Read more HERE.

And do check out The Five’s page on Daum Movie Listing.


*고사 – shamanistic ritual in which food is offered to the spirits
in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck (naver)

13 thoughts on ““The Five” Prayer Ceremony

    • It’s a revenge story. Eun Ah (Kim Sun Ah)’s family was murdered by a serial killer. She survived but she became half paralyzed and needed to use a wheel chair for the rest of her life. To revenge for her family’s death, she formed a 5-member group (herself included, thus the title) to find and make the killer pay for what he did.

    • I learned about it from… uhm… fangirling. XD
      Whenever they start a new drama/film they usually have a 고사. I think the 사 there is the same 사 in 제사. I just don’t know where else they use 고사 aside from filming. ㅋㅋㅋ

      • It is, you’re right. Very intesting! Haha sometimes fangirling can lead to some serious learning 😉 I can try to ask around about when else it’s used 🙂

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