TOPIK Videos on Youtube!

Goldmine! I stumbled into a gold mine as I stumbled upon blog a blog of a fellow Korean learner, 주비랑. The goldmine? TOPIK Video Lessons on Youtube!

I didn’t know they exist. And I was not expecting something like this exists!

25회 Writing (Fill in the blanks) Video Lecture

I’ve watched this one and I’m glad I did. I just mentioned I hate these fill-in-the-blanks writing exam and I kinda like the tip the teacher used. One at a time. I have a tendency to be overwhelmed when I see lots of Korean and then I panic and I keep shuffling and tossing grammar patterns I know and have learned and trying to piece them together to string the phrases together only to find out when I check the answers that a simple beginner 아/어/여서 and -다가 would work.

Their Youtube channel lead me to their website, Topik Korea. The different video lessons are on THIS PAGE.

A good supplement to those who are preparing for TOPIK.

And I’m glad 주비랑 mentioned the teacher who teaches Intermediate grammar reminds her of Kim Sun Ah because of their tendency to drag their final vowels at the end of their sentences. It puts a smile on my face as I listen to teacher and try to see if I can actually catch the said Kim Sun Ah similarity. Though they both drag their final vowels it didn’t remind me of Kim Sun Ah’s speaking style – until after about 5 mins when it dawned on me that she talks exactly how Kim Sam Soon talks to Jin Hyun’s niece in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon! XD


3 thoughts on “TOPIK Videos on Youtube!

  1. I heard there were some Topik videos like this long time ago. At that time, they charged money for watching the video, but now they are all free in Youtube ^^ Thanks for sharing ^^

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