Kim Sun Ah speaking Japanese… again!

There. Kim Sun Ah flaunting her Japanese once again. Right in front of my face! ㅠㅠ

This is a promotional video for the upcoming (?) Japanese broadcast of I Do I Do.

I wish (1) I can speak Japanese like her and (2) understand what she was saying!

Makes me wanna hit myself now for always failing my Japanese! ㅠㅠ


4 thoughts on “Kim Sun Ah speaking Japanese… again!

  1. Hee hee, ako able to catch a few words. Postponed start ng Elementary 4 namin sa Nihongo Center, kulang students! OnT, I wonder kung si Lee Dong Wook fluent din mag Japanese. I saw him speak it kasi on My Girl and Bittersweet Life. It seems as though for them, learning Japanese is easy. Same structure lang kasi. I would even say that it is as easy as word to word translation for them, LOL. Or maybe not.

    • I didn’t catch any! Coz I was scratching my head all the time. Telling myself if I am only studying hard I could have understood at least a thing or two. I don’t think Lee Dong Wook is fluent in Japanese because during the promo of their drama in Japan he spoke in Korean while Kim Sun Ah speaks in Japanese all the time. I guess he’s just memorizing the Japanese dialogues. XD
      Could be pretty easy for them though. Have some Japanese friends who are good in Korean and vice versa. What I/we have observed in school though, it’s easier for those who have studied Japanese to learn Korean while it’s difficult for us who studied Korean first to learn Japanese. Or maybe we are just being stubborn. XD

  2. Her Japanese is good. She has mastered the gestures (like ‘eetoo’, pauses at the right places, and almost perfect accent). She just said that she took the role of a workaholic woman who loves shoes, that good shoes will become a start of a wonderful romantic relationship, that her fans will find a new side of her in the drama, her role is very different… the makeup, the hairstyle, is different… and she hopes viewers will enjoy it because it’s such an interesting drama. I think she’s relatively unknown in Japan, telling Japanese people to find a new side of her is kinda weird… and she didn’t explain anything about the drama, about why she thinks it’s worth-watching. Oops 長々と失礼しました。

    • Well, uhm she spent her childhood in Japan. XD
      But still I’m impressed. Not only because I am a fan. Their family moved to Japan when she was 9 or 10. She said she used to carry 5 dictionaries everyday. Korean, Japanese, Kanji, Hanja, English. She moved to the States for college and went back to Korea to work (and ended up being an actress). Back then she was more fluent in Japanese than Korean so she never make it to auditions. So she had to relearn Korean. She’s quite known in Japan – to the Hallyu fanbase at least. Japanese fans love her because they can communicate with her easily (unlike other Korean actors who needs interpreters when having a fan meeting). She’s always in Japan for regular fan meetings and all her dramas are broadcast there. I guess the video is meant for the fans more than the general Japanese audience. Hehe.
      Thanks for translating! I still don’t get why I really can’t get my lazy self to work harder on my Japanese when I have Kim Sun Ah to watch/listen to. ㅠㅠ

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