My Current Book Haul from KCC Library

IMG_4220_phixr (1)

I met a friend today and was able to visit KKC Library! Result – 2 books for the week! Yey!

The first one is 중급 한국어 2. I’ve finished the first chapter on my way home. I’m loving it because I think it’s just right for my level. It’s not too easy and the grammar patterns are those that I either don’t know yet or I know but I’m not very comfortable using. The book is entirely in Korean but not so difficult.

The second one is a travel book but meant for locals and not for foreigners, thus entirely in Korean. The title is 두근두근 서울산책! The moment I first saw this book late last year, I immediately fell in love with it (I just can’t borrow it that time). So I’m really glad I have this book on my hand now! I love Seoul. And I love walking! So this book is ♥. I also love it because it is not the usual travel guide books for foreigners. It’s a bit difficult for me to read but the book is full of pictures and drawings (but still there are a lot of texts!). I’ve only managed to finish reading the Author’s note and I already love her! 🙂

I have one week to finish these books! I’m not sure if I can finish both but it’ll be my goal for the week. 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Current Book Haul from KCC Library

    • I hope you can get a copy of this book too. I know you love taking walks too! 🙂 Are there no Korean Cultural Center in Singapore? I could live in their library!

      • Oh that’s weird. Since it seems like a lot of Singaporeans are really interested in Korean (language/culture/pop culture) now. Saw an article that there was a proposal to put one up there. But that was 2009. So I guess it didn’t push through. I’m glad they put one up here. More than the events and classes that they offer, it’s their library that I love the most! 🙂

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