Fill in the blanks

I suck in writing Korean. I CAN write. I just finished writing a blog-like entry in a fan cafe and I am currently pouring trying to pour my heart out to an 언니 in an email. But I know my writing sucks big time.
Trying to fulfil my goal of finishing two books in a week, I’m currently working on 중급 한국어 2 and am scratching my head over these fill in the blanks exercises. It’s also my least favorite section in TOPIK. ㅠㅠ I just can’t figure out what pattern or conjunction I should use (outside the -아/어/여서 and -고 that I constantly abuse).
My stubborn self stomps her feet and says you don’t fill out blank sentences in real life. My more logical self argues that if you are good enough and is comfortable in using Korean properly filling out blanks shouldn’t be an issue. My hopeful self believes that once I finish these exercises, along with this book, I’ll improve.

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