Let’s get it on, 2013!

When 2011 ended, I was expecting a crappy 2012. Well despite a few difficult stuff here and there (mostly work and school related), it was a blast! I hope 2013 is gonna be another awesome year for me. I’ll definitely face many challenging things and will face many changes but I’m so looking forward to it!

Goals for 2013:

  • Graduate. Finish my thesis. DO my thesis. START doing my thesis, finish all the other requirements and graduate!
  • Return to Korea (for two months? a month? a week? one weekend? overnight? I don’t care! I just MUST go back no matter what! XD )
  • Get a TOPIK Level 4 certificate! 아자!
  • Finish 내 이름은 김삼순 novel!
  • Find a good decent not-so-crappy job after grad.
  • Learn Go-Stop!
  • Open a personal savings bank (and seriously start saving money)
  • Organize my photos from Korea.
  • Write a report and do the accounting from last year’s I Do I Do Snack Event!!!
  • Blog more at SSK!

What I want to do (IF I find time):

  • Sub the director’s cut of The City Hall.
  • Organize Computer files (esp. photos and music files).
  • Create Hangeul subs for Scent of A Woman and Gentleman’s Dignity.
  • Compile all of Kim Sun Ah’s drama locations! ^^ (super fangirling mode!)
  • Blog more at SSK! (moved to Goals)


  • Keep studying Korean!
  • Keep blogging (and finish the freakin’ drafts!)
  • Work hard on my Japanese! ㅠㅠ /wrist
  • Save money (aka Spend less!)
  • Avoid procrastination!!!!! (and I still don’t know how!)
  • Study hard (aka Graduate!)
  • Work hard on my part-time job (aka Earn more money!)
  • Exercise & eat healthy (aka loose the freakin’ weight!)
  • Stop carrying heavy bags (coz my back is starting to kill me!)
  • Keep tabs on my spending (and I’m doing fine, thanks to an android app!)
  • Keep in touch with my friends.
  • 다른 사람만 사랑하지 말고 자기 자신도 사랑하기.
  • 자신이 상처 받고 힘들지 않게 적당히 거절하는 법도 배우기.


  • It would be wonderful if I can see Kim Sun Ah once again this year. For the past 3 years it has unexpectedly become a yearly thing. It was not something I planned. Everything just happened. So it’ll be wonderful if I get to see her again this year. And I sooo hope that saying this out loud will not jinx it!
  • Date Meet this special 오빠 again and have a meal together / watch a movie. Nah, I’ll be happy just to see him again. *^^*

And I’m just so happy that I don’t have anything on my To-buy-list this year! I guess I’m just so happy with my tablet and wifi router that I don’t want anything else anymore. I have enough books to last me years. I have KCC library for Korean textbooks. I still have enough stationery supplies. I finally have decent bags and luggage to last me a few years. Have a few new clothes from Korea last summer. Maybe all I want to buy this year is just a pair of sneakers from 강남역 (before my old one gave up on me) and 2 pairs of  new socks and that’s it! Happy me!

Some of these goals and resolutions were remnants from 2012. Tell me about procrastination! And now, 21 days to 2013 and I’ve only managed to get one, two things straight (working hard on my part-time job and keeping tabs of my expenses). Was pretty much lazing around for everything else. O.o Well, I have 344 days to work on everything else! Let’s do this 2013!


9 thoughts on “Let’s get it on, 2013!

    • Not really. I just take TOPIK when I feel like it (or when my professor forces me/us to take it). ㅋㅋㅋ. I’m not even sure exactly when a level starts and when a level ends. I don’t take classes and I don’t religiously follow a textbook series. I jump from one material to another. Read and study here and there. It can be a textbook, an online class, a novel, a drama script. Whatever I feel like doing. 🙂

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