K-pop on TV?!!!

Can’t believe that I’m actually seeing a K-pop girl group (Tahiti?) performing on a local Sunday program!

Some 6 or 7 years ago, with the exception of Filipino-dubbed Korean dramas on primetime, Sandara Park is the only Korean you can see on live Philippine television – and she’s not talking, singing or even dancing in Korean!

But a few years ago Korean songs started playing on radios, K-pop artists also started having concerts here once in a while, and of course Gangnam Style – THE Gangnam Style also invaded the Philippines. And now we have… a K-pop performance on TV!!! Someone please confirm that I just watched ASAP and not Music Bank or something. Hehe. 🙂

2 thoughts on “K-pop on TV?!!!

  1. hey!! I’m also from Phil.. ^^ but can speak lil’ korean…n’ not really a filipino, just lived there for some yrs.

  2. hehe, in Australia we have two weekly sessions of a kpop music program. One on Saturday afternoon for 1 hour and one on Sunday afternoon for 2 hours. Its called SBS PopAsia 🙂 I find it has really helped promote kpop, they even have english ads translated to Korean during the ad breaks. The program have a radio station, and do alot of giveaways, interviews with artist, etc. A lot of ‘non kpop’ people have found out about it because of this. 🙂

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