A late Thank You, dear 2012!

A very late thank you indeed! Procrastination got the best of me yet again! XD

Nonetheless, it’s still January and I still want to pause a bit and reflect on one of my best years ever – 2012!

Actually the end of my 2012 was not that good. Had a tiring and somewhat traumatic experience a few days before Christmas that got me questioning the love and efforts I give to other people. But I shook all the bad vibes off as I look forward to a supposedly 5-day New Year vacation in one of the best places in the Philippines (Palawan!) with my dearest Korean friends. Supposedly! After coming up with my very own “travel agency” as I prepare everything for our trip, they ended up cancelling due to some unavoidable circumstances. And although I understand my friends, it just blew me off. The only thing I’m looking forward to and the thing that I have given so much effort disappeared in front of me. So instead of welcoming the New Year in a beautiful beach, playing with my favorite Korean kids and having heart to heart to talks with my 친언니 같은 언니, I ended up sulking in my room, down with a flu and all.

The end of my 2012 may not be a blast, but after much thinking I realized no bad vibes can ruin the best year of my life (so far).

I remember sulking when 2012 began too (why do I love sulking during New Year?!!!). The catch is – the reason why I was sulking then is because I felt so 억울하다 for not getting in our university’s exchange program to Korea XD. After spending 40 days in Korea last summer, it makes me laugh at all the tantrums I threw back then! Well, who would’ve thought then that there’s another program that I can participate with? XD

Of course the highlight of my 2012 were those precious and priceless 40 days I get to spend in Korea (that I haven’t blogged properly yet! XD)! It’s been my dream to go there and being a.) Filipino and b.) not from a well-off family, my chances of going there was really slim. But it happened. And until this day I still sometimes can’t believe it happened! That I did go to Korea and that I did stay there for 40 days! Living there. Going to places I never thought I can go to. Getting lost. Talking in Korean everyday. Meeting old friends, new friends and strangers. Receiving help, gifts, freebies and “services” here and there. Helping out. Having fun. Taking thousands of photos. Doing 알바. Eating Korean food and drinking서울우유 everyday! Watching my Kdramas on TV. Organizing an event. Trying just about anything and everything. And a bonus: Meeting Kim Sun Ah for the 3rd time and managing to have a longer and more decent conversation with her in Korean! (Another bonus? Falling in love – even though it’s just a 짝사랑! :p )

Of course those were the best moments of not just my 2012 but probably of my entire life! But there’s actually more to my 2012 than my summer in Korea. Last year I managed to not just join but bring home the second place trophy in a Korean speech contest! I already consider managing to finish my speech on a stage, in front of many people, without stuttering, fumbling and panicking as an achievement. Of course the trophy, certificate and a 500GB external hard drive is definitely a sweet bonus to it. I also get to travel to 2 beautiful places in our country (Biak na Bato and Zambales) with wonderful classmates and friends. I also finally get to sit on an Intermediate TOPIK exam (something that I’ve been ditching many times). It was also a year of meeting lots of people. Though a bulk of them were from my short stay in Korea, I also met a lot of new people and friends outside Korea. I also improved a lot in Korean this year – be it because of my stay in Korea or because of sitting on review sessions and taking Intermediate TOPIK. 2012 was also a year when I get to tick a lot of entries off my Bucket List! Yey!

So to you dear 2012, even if you gave me a hard time before you ended, I thank you so much! You will never be forgotten and will always be a very special year in my heart! 감사합니다!

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