30th TOPIK Registration (Philippines)


• Application period : January 21 – February 21, 2013
• Exam dates : April 21, 2013
• Application fee: 400 pesos

Download the .doc file from HERE for the application form and guidelines.

You must submit your application form and payment at KCC:

2F Mancor Corporate Building, 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

How to get there? Check THIS LINK and THIS LINK.


At first I said I will take it and started preparing a bit for it. Then decided not to. Then changed my mind and want to give it a try for fun and see if my scores will improve even without any hard core studying. Then I just realized that I might be in Korea on the exam day (and I will not take it in Korea since it’s way more expensive there!). So I guess it’s the 32st TOPIK for me on October! Yey! More time to prepare (though I’m pretty sure I’ll just end up procrastinating).

18 thoughts on “30th TOPIK Registration (Philippines)

    • Hi J!
      Hmm… I’ve been self-studying Korean for a while (about 3 years) when I learned about TOPIK from my Korean teacher when I was attending Korean classes in our university. Thrilled with the fact that I can get a certificate if I pass the exam, I immediately signed up. I don’t know. I just knew that I can breeze through the beginner TOPIK then. But I did work my a$$ off to make sure I get a level 2 because it’s just so unacceptable to get a level 1 for someone who has started learning Korean 3 years ago. XD That attitude lasted until a few days before the exam when I decided that passing level 1 is already a great thing. Then the night before the exam I realized that simply being able to take the exam is a good experience already! XD XD XD Tell me about loosing self-confidence while going through old TOPIK papers.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Where in Bulacan will you be coming from? I’m from Bulacan too. 🙂
      Just take the MRT, get off Ayala Station, North Bound exit (opposite SM Makati). You’ll see some motorbikes right at the foot of the stairs (You can actually take them if you want and they can bring you right in front of KCC – just tell them Mancor building, beside The Ford building in front of St. Lukes ^^). Just walk a few meters on your right and you’ll see a shuttle bus station. Take the West bus. Get off when the bus stopped in front of a 7-11 outlet (or you can sit near the driver and tell him to remind you if it’s the St. Luke’s stop – or ask the other passengers to tell you). From 7-11 you can see St. Lukes. Walk towards that direction and cross the street towards St. Lukes. From St. Lukes cross another street towards The Ford. KCC’s building is right behind/beside The Ford. You won’t miss it because there’s Hangeul characters in the building.

      • Seriously??!!! I’m from Malolos too!!!! Let’s meet!!!!! Can’t believe there’s someone in Malolos studying Korean too! 🙂
        I’ll email you! 🙂

      • Replied already to your email!I’m surprised too since I thought that i’m the only one from malolos who is studying korean. I will inform you once i got a hold of an android phone so that i can add you on kakaotalk. 😀

      • Hello, I would like to know how much information you knew about the Korean Grammar, Vocabulary, etc. I’ve been studying Korean language too for more or less than a year, and yes I’m also living in Bulacan. I would like to try but i’m not yet sure if I’m fit already because I’ve been studying the language frequently. I mean I don’t study it daily, mostly 1-3 times a week it depends on my schedule. I’m a 4th year business administration student. I’m really still wondering if I can manage to pass atleast level 1 TOPIK Exam. Please contact me for replies, via e-mail or kakaotalk. My kakaotalk ID is ParkSunJeong. Thank you and God bless.

      • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Why don’t you try answering previous TOPIK papers then check your scores. At least you have an idea of what you need to work on at, if any, or which level you can/have to take. I’ll add you in kakao. 🙂

  1. Long time no hear! Haha, as always, you are the dependable source when it comes to TOPIK registration! Thanks for the info. Ngayon lang ako nagre review ng Korean ulit. Will take TOPIK 2!

      • Yup, one year na ang nakalipas e, sobrang napabayaan ko na Korean ko, pero since mura lang naman fee e di take lang ng take! Hahaha. Kung magtuloy tuloy ang kasipagan baka mag Topik 3 ako sa October, pero after that I will leave it for once a year na lang. Ayoko ma haggard, besides wala namang reason para madaliin ko, LOL. Have you tried taking HSK and JLPT? I’m waiting for my results. I took both tests in December (HSK 2/JLPT 5).

      • Ayan, baka sa October magkasabay na tayo! 🙂
        Nope, haven’t tried HSK and JLPT yet. So inconsistent with my Mandarin and Japanese. Tapos ang mahal pa. hehe.

      • You should try HSK 1 and JLPT 5. Madali lang, promise.

        Ang weird lang ng TOPIK, haha. What if may TOPIK 3 ka na, and then you take an exam again and aim for TOPIK 4, tapos biglang TOPIK 3 lang uli ang score mo. So you end up with two TOPIK 3’s! Haha. Weird lang, most language exams I have taken kasi are graded talaga, you choose the level and you either pass it or fail.

        Anyway, good luck sa atin!!! 🙂

    • The next one will be on October 20, but the registration is already over. You can register for the April one. Registration will probably be sometime in February of next year. You may check the official website of KCC Philippines http://phil.korean-culture.org/welcome.do for updates since they will be administering the TOPIK from now on. I will try to post updates about it on my blog too next year. 🙂

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