Korea, see you again in 2013!


A pleasant surprise came at the end of last year. I just “passed by” the Korean Embassy before Christmas and submitted a tourist visa application “just for fun” since I was in the area frequently at that time. I submitted my application without any expectations at all. In fact I don’t actually have plans of coming back to Korea soon. Some friends were asking me why would I go to Korea and I just answer, “No particular reason” because there really aren’t any (aside from the obvious fact that I loved my stay there last summer and I’d do anything to be there once again).

Nonetheles I’m excited! I never thought I’ll be able to go back there this soon. Heck, I even thought I may not be able to go back (at least not in yeeeeaaarss). But here’s my visa and all I need now are roundtrip plane tickets and I’m off to go!!!

See you again, Korea! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Korea, see you again in 2013!

  1. Wow. Cool!! I’ve not been to Korea yet, though I plan to – someday! ^^ Congrats on making your second trip, and so much sooner than you’d thought! Must be such an awesome surprise!! 😀

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