Learning Japanese through Korean

I’m actually glad that Japanese is very similar to Korean. I seldom get confused on what particles and sentence endings to use (unlike some of my classmates). I just need time to get more familiar and comfortable with them as I go along.

I’m also glad to find some cheatsheets like THIS. So when the English explanation in the textbook baffles me, I just Ctrl+F through that document and check the Korean equivalent and everything clears up.

I also listen to NHK’s podcast lessons in Korean and it makes me feel better because I can learn Japanese at the same time test my Korean comprehension.

Learning languages is fun (Japanese verb conjugations aside lol)! 🙂

I also found Korean subtitles for my new Japanese drama, Rebound. Happy me! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Learning Japanese through Korean

  1. Useful nga Japanese if you are also learning Mandarin and Korean. My Japanese classes at NCF also serve as my review of Korean grammar (similar constructions, vocabulary lang nagkaiba) and Chinese Characters (Kanji, gets ko agad yung meaning when I see them, sa pronunciation lang nakakalito).

    • I know!!! We had a little Kanji game in class and that’s when I appreciate my Mandarin classes last semesters. I know the meaning. I just don’t know the kunyomi. XD

  2. Wow…that looks fantastic! I want Korean subtitles for Japanese drama, too. How do you do that? Is there a website for Korean subtitles? Thank you.

    • I just got lucky with リバウンド. The torrent I downloaded have Korean subtitles instead of English. But I think some subbers sub Japanese dramas by translating the Korean subtitles to English. My copy of アネゴ credits “Korean translators” and there were some lines that are still in Korean.

      Anyway, you can try this website (of GOM) http://gom.gomtv.com/jmdb/searchCaption.html I usually get Korean subs for English movies here. I tried searching for 리치맨 푸어우먼 (リッチマン、プアウーマン) and I found Korean subs for it. 🙂

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