Cramming Japanese

My right hand (and arm) still hurts as I type this. I’ve spent 3 days poring over my Japanese textbooks and taking down notes. I’ve finished 15 chapters!

It’s actually my fault, to begin with. Because I did not study when I was taking the beginner class, so I have to start from square one. We are currently on Chapter 9~10 of Genki but I decided to continue reading until Chapter 15 – the last chapter we will cover until the end of the semester. That way, I can focus more on my thesis later on.

I just focused on grammar lessons, so I still lack so much vocabulary and I still have to memorize learn about a thousand and a half words. But despite lacking vocabs, I did learn a lot these past 3 days.

And finally Japanese language has started taking form. When I was watching Anego, I still find Japanese language gibberish. I tried to listen well, but I only ended up catching as many Korean sounding words I can XD. With Kaisefu no Mita I started picking up expressions, especially from Mita しつれいします,  しょうちしました, それは。。。うみとさんがきめることです, あります. But since I started reading my textbook and taking down notes when I started Rich Man Poor Woman, I started recognizing sentence endings while watching that drama. I re-watched re-listened to Rich Man Poor Woman as I continue reading and not only was I able to recognize the sentence endings, but I can also recognize word boundaries now! And as my mom starts watching Kaseifu no Mita I watch with her and I can even now play my guess-what-the-character-is-about-to-say-next game (even if it’s just 分かりました, あります, ありません, 別に, ただいま, 好きです).

Seems like my cramming for Japanese is starting to pay off. I still need to learn Katakana and 200 Kanjis, but 3 straight days of writing down notes made me more comfortable in “mind”-reading (I’m still very slow when it comes to reading out loud) and writing Hiragana. I never thought I’ll have this much fun in learning Japanese. So it seems like it’s the effort and time that I really needed to jumpstart my Japanese learning. Though it’s not as fun and as comfortable as learning Korean (and perhaps will never be XD), learning Japanese is not too bad after all. I still need to exert more efforts though. 頑張る.

4 thoughts on “Cramming Japanese

    • I sat on a beginner’s class last year for a good one semester, but I did not learn a thing (I finished the class without knowing my Hiragana and Katakana completely). I started attending the intermediate class this semester just 4 weeks ago. 🙂

      • I’m still forgetting a lot of things here and there. And yes, Korean does help a lot. Last year it was bothersome because the close similarities confuses me. But maybe because my Korean got a whole lot better over the year, it’s not bothering me at all this time. 🙂

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