Goals and Motivation in Learning Japanese

Thinking about goals and motivation in learning Japanese is not as easy as thinking about my goals and motivation in learning Korean. Especially because there was no goal and no motivation to begin with.

At first I just wanted to pass my intermediate class. Doesn’t matter if I’ll just get the lowest possible grade. I just want to pass the subject to graduate. No more, no less.

But as I’m slowly enjoying the process of learning Japanese, my Japanese learning journey may go beyond the classroom.

It would be nice to get to understand Japanese dramas. Talk to Japanese with my Japanese friends. Understand Kim Sun Ah‘s fan meetings in Japan (and attend one sometime in the future?). Read the book Kim Sun Ah wrote in Japanese? Talk to Kim Sun Ah in Japanese?

Why did I not realize that the person I admire the most and my main source of inspiration and motivation in studying Korean is also very well connected with Japanese? I often fret that I never appreciate learning Japanese because I never really liked any Japanese dramas and will never understand why a lot of people enjoy mangas and animes. But I actually don’t have to look very far to find enjoyment in learning Japanese. As soon as I finish studying my Japanese grammar lessons, I’ll be watching all of Kim Sun Ah’s video clips in Japanese including her fan meeting early this year. I’m so excited to catch as many words, expressions and grammar patterns that I can.

I’m still not sure what I want to achieve in learning Japanese, or if there’s any. I’m just enjoying this for now and I might continue learning it even after the semester is over.

5 thoughts on “Goals and Motivation in Learning Japanese

  1. Hey Dia!
    I don’t know if you are self-studying Japanese, but I’m thinking about taking Extramural classes on UP campus this coming January, as you did in Korean. Hope to see you there!
    My twin brother lives in Seoul and speaks Korean pretty well (I believe °_° )
    Like your blog, keep up the good work!
    See you around!

    • Hi! I’m taking Japanese as a language elective. I haven’t taken extramural classes but I can assure you we have the best professors! 🙂 Hope to see you next year then! Thanks for visiting my blog! *i envy your twin brother! i wanna ship myself to Korea now*

    • For Japanese, right? Actually I don’t have any particular one to recommend since all of them are good! I promise! 🙂
      Been to Korea last summer for a short exchange program. Would love to go back soon – and hopefully for a longer period next time. 🙂

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