Learning the Kana

It took me forever to memorize Hiragana when I was taking my beginner’s class and it only took a few minutes for me to totally forget everything.

Now that I’m learning Japanese again, I must memorize Hiragana again and finally learn Katakana (and of course, Kanji). But learning Hiragana is simply very difficult for me. Spoiled by the simplicity of Hangeul, Hiragana, despite it’s prettiness  often frustrates me.

But after a week, I finally managed to decently remember Hiragana. I keep writing them over and over until I memorized them. My problem is retention. Yes, I’ve memorized them, but I can easily forget them. What I did I chose a Japanese song that I like (not really a favorite) that has been a part of my playlist for years. I searched for the lyrics and converted them all to Hiragana. I printed it and I keep reading/singing it. I’m still slow in reading, but I’m getting faster as I get more and more familiar with Hiragana in the lyrics I printed. I’m planning to do the same thing with Katakana. 🙂

One thought on “Learning the Kana

  1. Ha! How did you learn it anyway? That’s the miracle to me 😀 i can’t seem to even contemplate learning it HAHA! it just seems to difficult. Forget the writing part 🙂

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