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I just went through my list of Korean Learners’ Blogs. I’ve been too busy these past months and I’ve missed both writing and reading blogs. Somehow it’s sad to see some have cobwebs on their blogs and haven’t updated in ages. But it’s sadder that some blogs no longer exist – especially those with real good stuff on them. It makes me wonder if those fellow bloggers have completely given up learning Korean? If so, why? Were they too busy to blog? Do they still find time to study even if they are no longer blogging? Or have they achieved their goal in learning Korean (ie watching show without subtitles or getting a TOPIK certificate or being fluent). I’m not really questioning why they stopped. I’m just curious.

Anyway my heart skips whenever I see one with a recent update. And of course always happy to come across new blogs too. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Korean Learners’ Blogs

  1. Yes you’re right! I’m also curious why some blogger stopped… But I’m happy you’re updating nearly everyday! 😀 I love your blog. kkk Btw I am a new follower! :3

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I also have my own share of ‘haitus’ if I’m busy but sometimes I just can’t help not post something even if I have no time / I should be doing something else… like these past few days when I’m supposed to write a paper. XD

  2. Yeah it’s a shame to see a number of bloggers fade away in the korean language learning space. You made me think of http://koreanasitis.wordpress.com/ site which was one of the first korean learner site’s I ran into when I started. It’s sad to see him gone….and I too wonder what some of the reasons are with a number of people starting off strong only to see the site fade away.

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  4. Thanks for updating your blog! I am a little guilty for not study Korean as frequently as I do like last time but I will not give up because of all the school workload. Korean learning is all about consistency. ^-^

  5. Hi there,
    i am happy to see your blog is still active too! it is good to see other ppl are further and still active in learning. I am one of the persons too, who want to learn korean but without a real language class it is very difficult to get into it – for myself. IMO the most difficult time is the beginner time. to fight with all feelings to be wrong in spelling or grammar. to fight with the fact that it is difficult too to find a language exchange partner who really would love to support a beginner over the time.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! I was actually just about ready to say that for me it’s more difficult to study when you are on the intermediate level. I never had problems starting to learn Korean because everything’s new and there are just so many new things to learn that I’m excited about.
      But then I think of my Japanese learning and I can say that the beginning is really hard. How to get my lazy butt to start learning a new language that I’m not very keen about was a big problem that I even gave up on it. But now that I found a motivation (Japanese dramas!) I now feel the same way I did with my Korean learning. I’m now excited to ‘uncover’ the many things I have yet to learn in Japanese.
      I’ve read your tumblr and I hope you’ll find a strong motivation soon. Look for something you enjoy. And also try reading blogs of self-learners and hopefully you’ll pick a tip or two from them.

  6. Hi Alodia,

    I’m one of those guilty bloggers. I actually don’t have a good reason on why I have left my blog unattended for a long time now. I still try to study but it seems that the longer I stay of the books the harder for me to move forward. What I actually meant was I tend to read older lessons more often when I start to study again as I tend to forget a lot of them due to infrequent use and practice.

    I just want to say that I haven’t given Korean up yet. I hope people who come by my blog won’t get disappointed with my lack of updates, though.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting! It’s always a pleasure meeting fellow Korean learners! I added you to my blogroll. 🙂 Keep blogging and keep learning Korean! 🙂

  7. Maybe they’ve moved on. I’m not interested in blogging about Japanese anymore because I’m already fluent. Korean is my passion now.

    • There I was ‘complaining’ about the bloggers who disappeared… and I have abandoned my own blog for more than 2 months now! ㅠㅠ

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