TOPIK Study plans

So, this time I’m serious I want to be serious! Since there’s still 168 days before the next TOPIK, I want to use these remaining days wisely. I came up with a 15-day study plan for every TOPIK paper.

  1. 어휘 맟 문법. Input all unfamiliar words to ANKI; Review ANKI
  2. Study 어휘 맟 문법 1 – 10; Review ANKI
  3. Study 어휘 맟 문법 11  20; Review ANKI
  4. Study 어휘 맟 문법 21 – 30; Review ANKI
  5. 쓰기. Input all unfamiliar words to ANKI; Review ANKI
  6. Study 쓰기 31 – 40; Review ANKI
  7. Study 쓰기 41 – 44; Write essay; Review ANKI
  8. 읽기. Input all unfamiliar words to ANKI; Review ANKI
  9. Study 읽기 31 – 40; Review ANKI
  10. Study 읽기 41 – 50; Review ANKI
  11. Study 읽기 51 – 60; Review ANKI
  12. 듣기. Input all unfamiliar words to ANKI; Review ANKI
  13. Study 듣기 1 – 10; Review ANKI
  14. Study 듣기 11 – 20; Review ANKI
  15. Study 듣기 21 – 30; Review ANKI

Repeat for the next TOPIK paper.

At this rate, I can study at least 10 TOPIK papers before the 30th TOPIK – or more, if I have more time.

Yes I’m back with ANKI. Just to review and help me NOT forget the words that I’ve encountered on the TOPIK papers. But I don’t memorize the words. I still use Naver Dictionary, Google search and my drama transcripts to learn new words. I also just recently compiled lyrics of my favorite songs into one html file and added it to my drama transcripts html files so that I can also CTRL + F my way through song lyrics! 🙂

I would like to stick to this plan. After all it’s not that time consuming anyway. Of course it’s not the only things that I’ll be studying for the next 168 days. I’ll pair it with other lessons or textbooks if I have time (for now I’m working on TTMIK lessons). But will make sure to study the ‘required lessons’ of the day even if I will be very busy.

9 thoughts on “TOPIK Study plans

  1. Unni, you do actually have plans eh? I’m planning to give up after the last exam hahahaha!!!
    사실은 나도 잘해보려고 했는데 걱정과 두려움(?!)이 앞서는거임ㅠㅠㅠ

    • Well, you’ll get a Level 6 so there’s no point taking the exam anymore, right? :p
      Haha. Plans plans… I think I was just regretting the fact that I could’ve answered a lot of items confidently if only I studied well. Because I’ve actually encountered most of the words and grammar from previous papers. I just can’t remember most of them. O.o
      See you this semester! 🙂

  2. I’m impressed! You might have to stock up on coffee to get through the day if that is only part of your evening-schedule and you also study other books 😉
    You’ve just gained a new follower 🙂

    • Anki reviews usually last no more than 10 minutes and going through 10 items on TOPIK, so far, took me 30mins – 1 hour (depending on the difficulty) so it was not that bad YET. 🙂
      I just wish I can keep up with this. Oh well, an oppa who was trying to quit smoking posted about his intention and attempt to do so on all his SNS. He said that it would really be embarrassing if he can’t keep up with it since almost everybody knows about it. So I’m trying to do the same strategy. Hopefully I’ll be consistent because it’ll be embarrassing if I won’t be able to continue at this pace after posting this on my blog. XD

      • Aaah! I was sure I replied to your reply. Oh well, here we go then 🙂 That is true. Sharing a plan with the world means that you feel more obligated to follow through on your word. I just tend to look in my schedule and think “there is a free slot, sure I can do XYZ” and then it somehow always surprises me that I can barely keep my eyes open after an entire day at uni, training (depending on the day) and house work. Then even half an hour feels like a walk in the desert.

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