On Electric Ground

I stumbled upon a K-drama/movie blog called Electric Ground (thanks to koreanstudentblog 🙂 ) written and maintained by two fellow soompiers (gah! I miss soompi so much!). And I fell in love with their blog right away!

What sets it apart from tons of other K-drama/movie blog is their K-language and culture series wherein they discuss Korean language and culture through dramas – the best thing for a Korean learner and K-drama addict like me!

I’ve enjoyed reading their Analyzing Korean drama and film titles Series (Parts 1 & 2) and is currently reading and learning from their post on Honorifics.

For me, it’s still Korean dramas that makes learning Korean so much fun!

Their last post was September though. I wish they were just resting or something and will still continue their blog.

EDIT: Well, I just spent an entire afternoon reading their blog! And glad to see one of the writers leaving a recent comment – which means they have not abandoned the blog. So I’ll be waiting for their next posts! 🙂

8 thoughts on “On Electric Ground

  1. Thank you for linking 🙂
    I really like their Korean Language and Culture Series as well. I also liked their posts about names; how Korean parents choose names that “match” for their children and how you can tell if someone has an “old fashioned” name. An interesting read 🙂

    • Uhm… I did not really “leave” Soompi… but yeah I haven’t been there for ages. Just busy with school and other things. Besides I’m usually only in Soompi for Kim Sun Ah especially when she have an ongoing drama. But these days, even if there were updates about her and even during the airing of her previous drama I rarely go there. Maybe also because of Facebook? Since I can get updates about her on Facebook easily. Or maybe… just maybe… I’ve grown up a bit and is not saving every bit of photo and updates about her so newsfeed on Facebook is kinda enough for me right now. But who knows, maybe one of these days, after graduation perhaps and when Kim Sun Ah has a new drama again I’ll be soompi-ing again. 🙂

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