[Announcement] Korea Post Philippines Job Vacancy


– Korea Post Philippines is a newspaper for Korean community in the Philippines
– KPP has supported Korea-related activities in UP Diliman, such as UPCIS AKLE, UP Korean Speech Contest, etc.
– KPP position is open for article writing assistant who is able to communicate in Korean (* You may be asked to choose local news, translate some news, assist Korean journalist outside of the office, etc.)

– Korean language fluency is not necessarily considered great, however, it is preferred who can at least understand, speak, and write Korean language

(* You may not be asked to write entire piece of article in Korean, however, KPP staff may teach or instruct further)
– Office hour 8am-5pm
– Salary and working condition will be informed upon interview or confirmation of hiring
– Someone who is COMMITTED, PASSIONATE and would like to experience in Korean company NOT JUST FOR FUN or NOT FOR A VERY SHORT PERIOD, should challenge!
– Those who are interested, please mail your CV to soulbarbers at hotmail dot com

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