Random Updates

I haven’t blogged properly for many months now – just when I have so many things I wanted to share and talk about. Leaving for Korea in the middle of a semester, I realized, is not really an awesome idea. Not that I regret any part of it. No. Never will. But I’m not just suffering from withdrawals upon my return, but I am also heavily burdened with school stuff. I still haven’t managed to catch up on all the things I missed when I was away and school works just keep piling up everyday. And last Friday, I think I just proved to one of my professors how lousy a student I am by screwing up my midterm exam! I am dreading to see him next week. Someone please save me!

I can’t wait for the semester to end. In about 46 days from now I can finally say I’m free! That is if I am still alive after 7 academic papers and 4 exams.

But despite all the school loads I am brave crazy enough to prepare for TOPIK. I was just about planning to ditch the 28th TOPIK (just like how I ditched the past few 중급 exams in the past). Actually I missed the application deadline and I thought I was able to get away with it. But the deadline was extended and I simply can’t say no to my 선생님. After all, deep inside, I really want to take it because it’ll give me an excuse to study Korean seriously.

Well, I am happy I did apply for it. Yesterday night we had a review session and I learned a lot. I also tried answering a few papers a few days ago. I now doesn’t have much problem on the vocabulary and grammar part (after studying 2-3 papers) since they are actually just being repeated (most of them at least). But usually I only get to study until that vocabs and grammar part before (and some listening). So when I attempted the writing and reading parts I was completely lost. So maybe after a few more papers for vocabs and grammar this week, I’ll just focus more on the writing and reading parts.

Aside from school and TOPIK, there are still many many MANY things I have to / want to do. I still have tons of emails and messages I haven’t answered (sorry, if you are reading this and you are one of the people that I haven’t replied with yet). A lot of writings about my stay in Korea that I need to do (especially the Snack Event for I Do I Do that I’ve only managed to write in Korean, but not in English yet). There are still a lot of people in Korea that I want to thank and want to write messages/letters to. A lot of photos I need to organize and upload (and print!). A lot of stuff to organize! I’m trying to do them little by little. Today I will try to answer all comments here in my blog, finish assigned readings for my linguistics class and answer some TOPIK papers.

And despite my lack of time, I still manage to watch some dramas. ㅎㅎ I was not really planning to watch any, given my tight schedule, but missing hearing Korean everyday, I decided to try watch at least one and use it as a reward for every task I can finish. Say I managed to read a chapter of assigned reading, I can allow myself to watch one episode. And so on.

I picked up Sand Glass first and I regret the fact that I only started watching it now. It was indeed a masterpiece! It’s like watching a documentary. No wonder it holds the record of the highest rated Korean drama of all times. It’s also close to my heart because I lived in Gwangju. And it’s more fun watching it in between my Sociology class’ reading assignments!

I was halfway through Sand Glass when I decided to check A Gentleman’s Dignity. I was looking for something light after a very tiring day, so I didn’t want to watch Sand Glass yet. Some reviews were not good. Others said the characters were so immature. The first episode was so-so for me, but I can’t stop after episode 2! What am I expecting? It’s a Kim Eun Seok drama! Lovers series, City Hall, Secret Garden KIM EUN SEOK! I’d probably be more surprised if I didn’t get addicted. And I don’t think they were immature. Yi Soo may be older than me, but I’m kinda like her and will still probably like her when I reach her age. And the ahjussis? Gah! I know ahjussis that are exactly like them! That’s probably why, even how ridiculous some scenes and situations are, I find them so enjoyable. Because I am thinking of my own ahjussi friends! This is the first time I’m actually this addicted to a drama that is not a Kim Sun Ah one. To the point of looking for the transcripts of it. I only keep copies of Kim Sun Ah’s dramas’ scripts/transcripts. I’ve never done it before in a non-Kin Sun Ah drama.

Oh well. This is just about it A random rant on a hot Sunday afternoon. I hope no one reads this since this post doesn’t make sense anyway. OTL. I’ll start posting more sensible posts after 46 days.


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