ANNOUNCEMENT & UPDATES: “I Do I Do” Snack Event by International Fans

*Edited post to remove bank details, addresses and phone numbers. Anyway the event ended already*

Hi everyone!

First, thanks to everyone who has helped and is helping us with the SNACK EVENT FOR I DO I DO STAFF. Thanks for sending in your donations too. We now have 805,295 krw (though 56,000 of which are yet to be confirmed) and there we are waiting for some more pledges.

To those who have sent their donations:

1. Please send me your message to Kim Sun Ah (if you haven’t) by Monday 11:59pm Seoul Time. Send it to my email:

2. Join us in our Facebook group: because I’m posting all the updates there. If you have sent a request but hasn’t been approved, please email me:

Since the event was moved on Wednesday, July 18, we are still accepting donations until Monday 5:00pm Seoul Time (we can still make extensions until Tuesday 5:00pm Seoul Time, but if you can make it on Monday instead, it’ll be easier for us).


1. Via paypal

* Please send until Monday 6:00am Manila time only

2. Via BPI (for Filipino fans only)

3. Via Western Union

4. Telegraphic Transfer to a Korean bank


Kim Sun Ah’s manager has confirmed the date and exact place with us. He told me an estimate of the staff members last week, but I want to confirm it to him again by Monday or Tuesday. And he also still have to confirm the time.

Today I’ll be going around the markets and downtown to check what stuff we can bring for the staff and Kim Sun Ah. And check printing prices as well in my university area.

We are planning to give Vitamin Water, kimbap, rice cakes, Binch (chocolate biscuit), and bread to the staff in a paper bag with sticker that reads cheering message from Kim Sun Ah’s International fans. For Kim Sun Ah, we’ll give the same package + a basket of fruits and more vitamin waters (plus flowers?). If her manager will confirm that it’s the last day of filming and our budget permits, we might get a cake for the them as well.

Aide from the snacks and gifts to Kim Sun Ah, money will also be spent on printing (stickers, posters and messages/cards) and on paper bags. For transportation, maybe we can afford it since it’s kinda near the subway station so I’m guessing (hoping) the cab fee won’t be too expensive.

Again, thanks to everyone. I’m truly touched that many people participated. And I’m looking forward for a few more participants since the event was moved. ^^

See previous announcement HERE.


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