40 Days in Korea: Why am I in Korea right now?

So, I’ve been blogging and ranting about crazy preparations and I’ve been here for 9 days now yet I haven’t properly blogged why I’m here.

I’m here for the 2012 Chonnam National University’s International Summer Session. Although it’s a bit similar to an exchange student program because there are classes and you can earn credits that would be reflected in your transcript, it’s different in a sense that you don’t belong to the real university classes. It’s a special summer program for international students. Students can chose classes and can will also have an opportunity to join the cultural excursions.

Here’s CNU ISS’ website: http://international.jnu.ac.kr/SummerSchool/Sum_01/Pages/Sum_01_01.aspx

A good friend who’s currently on exchange in Seoul National University told me about this program. I applied immediate and was nominated by my university. That’s why now I am here in Korea.

The summer program would only run for a month. I decided to take Study of Korean Culture (since I’m interested in Korean culture) and Understanding Chinese People and Culture (since I’m taking Mandarin, I thought it would be really helpful). But I opted out of the cultural excursions. The selection was good and worth it, but it’s too expensive for me. Besides I want to explore on my own and mingle with the locals.

Since my home university is in partnership with CNU, CNU waived the tuition and dormitory fees for me and another student from our university. We have to pay for our own air tickets and we don’t have any allowance for meals and other stuff.

It took me a long time thinking whether I’ll join or not. Of course I wanted to join. But buying tickets and saving enough pocket money is difficult for me. I also feel guilty of spending too much for this program instead of using it for say, paying debts and having our house fix or getting a refrigerator since ours was broken.

It’s also going to be difficult for me since it’s not vacation in the Philippines right now. So basically I’ll be absent for a month in all my classes in the Philippines. So I’m just making it hard for myself. I will have to study here, then study for my classes in the Philippines too – by myself! And by the time I return home, it’ll be midterms week!

I must be crazy to take this program. But I’ve always wanted to go to Korea. And this is my chance. So I just closed my eyes and decided to take the chance.

And now I am here. On my 9th day. Surviving, enjoying and loving Korea all the more. 🙂

2 thoughts on “40 Days in Korea: Why am I in Korea right now?

  1. today is the first time i read your blog and i love reading your posts ^^
    I’m glad that u’re doing well in korea
    Enjoy yourself ya ^^
    힘내자 화이팅!!!

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