40 Days in Korea: D-1 Departure

The last week before my flight to Korea has been tremendously crazily busy! With the visa application brouhaha, documents to complete, classes to take care of, things to buy, things to do, things to bring… etc etc etc.

I was still running everywhere the morning of the 28th (my departure date).

I attended my morning classes in our university. Had all my readings for my classes in the Philippines photocopied. Renewed a book in the library. Submitted last minute documents.

I also had some financial problems before my flight so I had to ask for help from friends. So I had to meet them too. I also met my friend’s mom. My friend’s in Korea and her mom asked me to bring her some stuff.

I managed to get myself a camera that day (yey!). I barely have money to survive Korea, but I thought believe it’s okay even if I won’t have enough as long as I have a camera. I must have a camera. And I managed to get one. A nice one. So I was happy.

I came home and started packing. Although I have sorted things that I’m planning to bring, I still haven’t packed them. Also I didn’t get to buy some things and decided to just buy them in Korea (wrong move! everything’s expensive here!).

So I started packing. But time was running out so I didn’t have time to sort my stuff again and lessen the things I’m bringing. I just stuffed them inside my bags before I miss my flight.

It was drizzling when I left. And my mom and aunt kept nagging me that I’m gonna be late. Oh well, it was stressful but at least I didn’t miss my flight.

I took a cab to the airport. My bags were very heavy but didn’t exceed the weight limit. Nonetheless they were heavy.

I went alone to the airport but was was met by my good friend Bukas na Espasyo and she treated me to dinner.

I’m glad to be back in the airport. And this time I’m not sending someone off, rather I’ll be leaving. Was I excited? I actually don’t remember being excited. I was too tired that day. And I also hate that I was not prepared at all.

There’s a small notebook I was preparing for my trip. To put phone numbers, exchange rates, people I want to meet in Korea, places I want to visit, what I want to do, what I want to eat – everything! As expected, I didn’t finish doing that. I also wasn’t able to email my friends that I’m leaving (the Philippines) and  that I’m coming (to Korea). Everything is just so fast and I was too tired to get excited. It was also a long day. I had a very early class (7:00am so I was awake by 5:30am). I had to travel from my university back home after my classes. I had to buy some stuff. And I haven’t slept.

But I was happy. Knowing that something’s good’s waiting for me.

Before boarding a Korean mother notice my Sam Sook (the Kim Sam Soon stuff toy) and called her kids’ attention saying it’s Sam Soon’s pig doll. I was happy to know that Sam Soon is still popular among Koreans (or at least to that lady).

On the boarding area, I was happy to know that the attendant was actually from the same university. He even interviewed me for a while.

Then he thought the one before me, a Korean girl, left her baggage claim tickets and he asked me if I can give it to her. I obliged and attempted my first ever Korean conversation. But it ended up that the baggage claim tickets were not hers. When I looked at it, it was actually… mine! O.o

I went in the boarding area early so that I can sit down for a long time and probably get to be online. I went to the restroom first. When I was inside the cubicle though I heard one airline staff asking the restroom staff if she saw any Korean inside (I guess they were making the last call for the flight before mine and was missing a Korean girl). The restroom staff said she saw one enter the cubicle. When I get out, the attendant went to me right away and asked for my boarding pass – in English. I showed it to her, then she returned it right away (after seeing that it wasn’t me she was looking for) and rushed our of the door.

Was I the Korean the restroom staff was talking about?

Then on the way to the boarding area, I was kinda lost because I can’t see our boarding gate. While trying to look around, another staff approached me, asked me if I was looking for Gate something something. And I nodded. She told me where it was – in English. In a slow English that Filipinos usually used when speaking to foreigners. But I’m not Korean!

Inside the plane, the airline staff handed my the immigration forms in Korean. I have to tell her I’m a Filipino. Even though I know Korean, I won’t be able to understand that complicated immigration form. The staff shyly laughed and handed me the English version of the forms.

I basically slept the entire flight. It’s about less than 4 hours between Manila and Incheon. I wanted to actually try to complete my travel notebook but I wasn’t able to do so because I keep falling asleep.


4 thoughts on “40 Days in Korea: D-1 Departure

  1. Diaaa~ I’m so happy reading your Korea posts! Haha~ What an awesome journey you’ve had, are having and will have! I’m on your side for the camera haha~

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