40 Days in Korea: D-6 Preparation

I don’t want to flip to the next page of my weekly organizer because it scares me. Once the weekend is over, all I can see are just a few squares before my departure plus all the things I have to do before I leave.

There are still a bunch of school documents I have to prepare before I leave. I’m still looking for funds!!! I still have a full work schedule. I have tons of people to email. My room’s a mess. I have 3 full chapters to read and 3 problem sets to finish in my linguistics class that I have to finish (unless I want to do the last one on the plane – no! not happening!). I haven’t chosen what clothes to bring (and I’m pretty sure the ones I’d like to bring will be in the laundry basket!). I still don’t have a camera (noes!!!!!!! 😥 )!!!!!!!!! I still haven’t found all the books and readings I’ll be needing on both my classes here and in Korea. I haven’t started packing (though I’ve made progress by sorting things I want/need to bring and shoving them on one corner of my room). I have a number of people and friends to meet. I have to make lots and lots of notes for my mom (how to use the ATM, how to rent a pc in an internet shop, how to operate the DVD player – at least I’ve finished creating her online accounts). I haven’t made my trip schedule. I haven’t written anything on my travel notebook. All these when my passport is still at the embassy and won’t be released until Tuesday afternoon.

Alright. i’m ranting nonstop. I should keep reading for my linguistics class first.

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