40 Days in Korea: D-9 Preparation

I should be excited. I should be very excited by now. But no. I’m not excited anymore. All the excitement has faded, thanks to the repeated trips to the embassy.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been going back and forth the embassy for my visa application and they keep asking for additional documents from me/my school/s. It just gave me so much stress for the past weeks that I even declared a ‘silent war’ with Korea for a day because I was so pissed off. I understand they deserve to ask for additional documents but do they have to do it one at a time? Alright, partly my fault, perhaps – if going from one window to another because the first person doesn’t seem to read my application form and documents AT ALL is my fault . Seriously! Asking for a document he is currently holding, asking for my parents’ documents when I clearly stated it’s CNU and myself providing for the trip, and asking for another school’s school permit when I have acceptance letters from CNU. But I think my biggest mistake is making a foolish assumption that it’s gonna be easy.

Will probably blog about this visa brouhaha later. I also found out, by asking around, that a number of exchange students from our university also had to go through the same hell-ish experience when applying for their visas.

All’s well now, I hope. Thanks to my university and a good friend for helping me out. I have yet to receive my visa next week and it’s not yet guaranteed that I will not get the dreaded “documents received” stamp. But nonetheless it was finally accepted and no more documents were asked from me/my school/s.

I only felt relieved for a couple of hours after confirming that my application is already in process. Stress, once again kicked in, after realizing I only have 9 days left. And I don’t know how am I supposed to fix my schedule and do the things I need to do before I leave. Not to mention the very little money I’ve been saving was now all used to go back and forth the embassy (which, unfortunately, is in a not so accessible location so I have no choice but to take a cab to and fro). School work’s starting to pile up and syllabuses are starting to scare the hell out of us. I am worried how am I supposed to study all these by myself – in Korea.

I hope my mood will soon improve… hmm… probably when I finally get my visa – which will be, surprise! surprise! 2 days before my flight. 😐

For now, I think I better cut-down on my sleep. 😦


One thought on “40 Days in Korea: D-9 Preparation

  1. Hi Dia~! I’m sorry to hear what has happened. Hopefully things are better right now. And things are going to be alright~ Fighting for the preparation!!

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