40 Days in Korea: D-18 Preparation

I finally got my plane tickets! Wohoo!


I actually booked and paid for it yesterday but I only got the itinerary receipt this morning. And somehow it feels more “real” – seeing my ticket with the flight number, flight schedule, seat numbers and all.

One more time. Woooooooooooooohhhhoooooooo!!!

And thanks to everyone who helped me make this purchase possible. I wasn’t able to get a promo fare, but luckily the prices of some flights suddenly got lower. But it is still too expensive for me. I’m glad I’m blessed with friends and wonderful people around me. You guys know who you are. I can’t help but thank you enough.

All I need to do now is to apply for a visa.

Yes I know I shouldn’t be this happy yet since there’s still one more important thing to do. But I can’t help it. Saying I’m excited is definitely an understatement! So Korean embassy, please please please be good to me.

18 days to go. Surreal!


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