I Do I Do novel excerpts – spoilers anyone?

These are book excerpts from online bookstores. May or may not be spoilers for the drama. Nonetheless, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

Table of Contents (excerpts)

Chapter 1 The place where my mary janes took me
Chapter 2 Glory for shoes only
Chapter 3 The inappropriate carrot
Chapter 4 Buying was easy
Chapter 5 The next stage of menopause

Inside the book

It was the first day of kindergarten. Dad bought her only daughter a pair of red shoes. The same kind of mary janes that Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland wore. Ji Ahn steps her little foot into the red enamel shoes that sparkles like a ruby. And for the first time Ji Ahn heard the sound of her soul the moment she fastens the thin strap with a click. Every clacking step Ji Ahn took, she heard the sound of magic unfolding. Every clacking sound Ji Ahn makes on each of her step is the sound of magic –  the clacking sound of happiness. – page 9

All designs starts from a sketch. Same with your life. A life drawn using the colors of a rainbow on a white paper. Of course, if it’s a woman with sense, she must know how to design and color her own life. Whether my life is a first-class luxurios brand, or an imitation on a display rack on the streets depends on my own choice. It’s not somebody else’s, it is your life. There’s always something that is solely your own that you can’t sacrifice or share with somebody else. To me it’s shoes and fashion. – page 47

A  top designer – a great job that a lot of people are envious of. On a top position – a Director. Plus living in a classy house. Driving an equally classy car. A 10-floor shoe closet brimming with shoes she likes – to the point of having to send a number of pairs on bazaars. There was no reason to get bored (?). There was no reason to feel lonely (?). It’s not the trauma of a failed marriage.  It’s not also a man-phobia. Ji Ahn simply doesn’t need marriage. Falling in love; getting married; washing husband’s clothes; cooking; giving birth; raising kids – it just doesn’t attract her. She didn’t want any of these. Reading trends, leading, creating – those are the things she likes. It’s not Joseon era anymore. One doesn’t marry a man her parents selected, give birth to kids, and live life obediently. That’s just rustic! – page 102

FYI: Novel is 304 pages

SOURCE: Kyobobook

I’m glad I read (and translated) the excerpts. It feels like I’m getting to know Ji Ahn more and more. Not that I need to get to know Ji Ahn more. Kim Sun Ah is doing an excellent job in bringing Ji Ahn to life. But it just feels so different (and so 신기하다 too) reading the novel. Now, if novels are only these short… *sigh*

영광 – honor, glory
부적절하다 – to be inappropriate
갱년기 – menopause
단계 – stage, phase, step
유치원 – kindergarten
켤레 – pair
가느다랗다 – to be very thin/slender
발등 – top of the foot
당기다 – to pull, draw, tug, yank, jerk
달칵 – with a click
난생처음 – first time in one’s life
영혼 – soul, spirit
울림 – echo
펼쳐지다 – to spread, to unfold
또각 – tap, clack
한 발짝씩 – one step(by step)
마찬가지 – the same
스스로 – oneself
일류 – first class
좌판 – dislay/stand
희생당하다 – to sacrifice
나누다 – to divide
직장 – job
수석 – top
오직 – only, solely
평 – floor
실패하다 – to fail
남성- man, male
혐오증 – phobia
단순하다 – simply
이끌다 – to lead
정하다 – to decide, to determine
순종하다 – to be obedient

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