I Do I Do Novel




A book!!!

I’ve been thinking what kind of book shall I get when I go to Korea. Books are relatively less expensive in Korea (we can’t get hardbound novels here as cheap as the hardbound novels in Korea). Maybe I’ll get Momo and probably Anne of Green Gables (all were references for my Suna Unnie’s drama)… but it doesn’t excite me much.

And now here! I Do I Do novel!

Can someone enlighten me on this one though. I know my My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was originally a novel written by Ji Soo Hyeon (지수현) and was first published in 2004. It was later adapted for television by Kim Do Wo and aired on television last 2005.

I’ve read on the news that I Do I Do won first place last 2010 on some competition of Korea Creative Content Agency.

‘아이두아이두’는 2010년 한국콘텐츠진흥원 신화창조 프로젝트 수상작

But I was not sure if it was a fiction writing contest, a novel writing contest, a scenario (for television) writing contest. I tried to search if a book or a comics (as what some news said – which I doubt very much since they must have confused it with a comics with the same title but of a totally different story) exist but I didn’t find any information.

And now we were surprised with this novel!

What is this novel anyway? Was it like My Name Is Kim Sam Soon where the drama was adapted from and they just published it in time for the drama? Or was it vice versa and was written after the drama?

Anyway, I’m just so happy to have a new book. And to you eggmoonrice thank you! You surprised me so much last night! Barely 10 minutes since I posted this book on my Facebook timeline saying I want this, I received a message from a dear friend that she already purchased the book for me. Awww~ ❤

Yey! More reasons to keep studying Korean!

To purchase the book CLICK HERE.

Oh, and they have a “book event”


The book will be released on June 8th (and will be shipped in 1-2 days domestically), but they are accepting orders now. And there’s an special ‘event’ or perks for those ordering in advance (May 25 ~ June 8th).

1. Limited edition copies with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s signatures (printed, not personally handwritten)

2. I Do I Do Anti-Radiation Sticker (Korea’s crazy over these, right? I received one too during the speech contest – ooop! I haven’t blogged about it yet!)

3. 300,000 worth of gift certificate to Jinny Kim (drama sponsor/the shoe company where Ji Ahn works). One winner will be drawn and will be notified personally.

4 thoughts on “I Do I Do Novel

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  2. You’re so lucky.. i am watching this drama too. How i wish i could get this book too^^ wonder how can i go about it cos im in Malaysia… hehe

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