I Do I Do Special Event



Hello! This is King Kong Entertainment ^^
Not too long ago, (famous) soccer player Park Ji Sung cheered Actress Kim Sun Ah for the pilot episode of “I Do I Do”. Not only that, he also gave signed soccer balls for Kim Sun Ah’s fans! Warm hearted Captain Park cares for Kim Sun Ah’s fans too! Also, you can feel their close friendship for his ‘sensible’ cheering message for his close friend Actress Kim.
So! Today the “Soccer player Park Ji Sung signed-ball event” that Kim Sun Ah mentioned before starts!
Write Kim Sun Ah’s famous lines from the drama “I Do I Do” in the comments below. 6 people will be drawn. The first prize will receive a soccer ball signed by Park Ji Sung while the the rest of the winners (5 people) will receive a poster signed by Kim Sun Ah.
It seems difficult because there are too many famous lines~^^
The event will run for one week. From June 2nd (Saturday) to June 8th (Friday) 6:00pm. Announcement of winners will be on the evening of the 8th.
We are asking a lot of fans to join! Let’s all “I Do I Do”!! ^^*

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