[드라마] I Do, I Do Episode 1 Ramblings

This is the first time I’m gonna do this for a drama. Not a recap. Not a review either. Just my thoughts transferred into a virtual paper. It’s just that I have so many random thoughts whenever I watch a drama, especially a Kim Sun Ah drama, that I feel the need to put it into words (else I’ll go crazy talking to myself). I regret that I didn’t do it on Scent Of A Woman (as if I have time to do so then!) because I’m curious to know what were my thoughts when that drama was airing. I usually post in soompi but it’s difficult to track all the stuff I wrote there. So might as well try doing it here on my blog. I hope I’ll have enough time to do this until the last episode.

Enough said, off to Episode 1.

Just like any other Kim Sun Ah dramas since 2007 I watched I Do I Do live. Now, if I had written and published this post right after watching the first episode live I would’ve just simply said I think it’s fun but I didn’t like it that much. Yes, my still limited Korean is a big factor. But still, I didn’t feel anything special on the first episode yet. I felt like something was lacking and I was only able to pinpoint it after re-watching the first episode – twice.

I needed time to get acquainted with the characters.

I was still on Rooftop Prince withdrawal when I watched episode 1. My heart still cries for 저하 and 박하 and I forced Ji Ahn and Tae Kang in. I don’t know them well yet and the drama showed me loads of happening between the two of them – two total strangers in my eyes. Yes, they are funny. But since I am not attached yet to the characters, I couldn’t connect with them yet.

But after re-watching the episode (and watching episode 2 live), I finally get more comfortable with the characters, so when I re-watched episode 1 again (for the third time) my heart changed and I find the first episode really awesome – full of fun and heart warming moments.

I’ve read many positive news and comments about my Sun Ah Unnie’s new image in this drama. I’m glad that many people liked her “new” image. But it was nothing new to me since I know she is indeed cool and chic. She is always gorgeous and fashionable on her CFs, endorsements, pictorials, public appearances, even on fan meetings. It’s just that she always play the typical average girl since My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Nonetheless, it’s refreshing to see her like this ON A DRAMA (And please news articles, stop saying it’s the first time she cut her hair this short! She did so in 2006/2007!).

I must say Lee Jang Woo is awesome and insanely cute!!!! This kid! How old is he again? 15? 17? Hahaha. So adorable I want to reach out inside my computer screen so that I could touch that cheek! I was actually surprised with Lee Jang Woo because I only managed to watch one of his previous project, a one episode drama Human Casino. He was good then, but it was quite typical and serious. I was surprised, at the same time happy, that he was able to pull off the Tae Kang character I’ve imagined – a young man cutely acting like a baby… happy go lucky yet full of determination… and with a warm heart… trying to be a mature man, but still a 15 year old kid – without being annoying. My hats off to Lee Jang Woo!

I think they are both perfect for their roles. I can’t imagine a different Tae Kang, nor can I imagine a different Ji Ahn! I’m a very very happy girl! I love how solid their characters were right from the start. Well, we’re still 15 episodes away, so I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed.

Will you run out from my funeral too?

And I just found myself crying 20 minutes after – the confrontation scene of Ji Ahn and dad. Honestly I was not moved when I was watching it live. I was even a little bit annoyed with Dad making a big deal out of his daughter running out of his birthday party. I mean, it’s just a birthday party. And your daughter just had to face and solve a big problem at work. Anyway your daughter prepared your party really well, Dad. But after re-watching, I finally caught the word 장례식 (funeral) and it hit me big time.

I remember saying I’m afraid I might not be able to connect to Hwang Ji Ahn as much as I was able to connect to Kim Sam Soon, Shin Mi Rae (City Hall) and Lee Yeon Jae (Scent Of A Woman). I was not expecting to find a connection this early. I may not be as rich as her, I might not love shoes the way she does, nor am I a director at a big company. But I work. I’ve worked in many companies. I study while I work. And many times, just like Ji Ahn, I disregard personal or family matters (like birthdays or some special occasions) because I am ‘needed’ at work (or school). I could relate 100% to Ji Ahn that very moment. She felt like she doesn’t have a choice. Her work called her. No one else can fix the problem aside from her. If she didn’t come to the fashion show their company will be screwed. And she can’t let it happen, more so be blamed for it. But here’s Dad, who barely see his daughter, and on a special occasion, they are finally spending time together, she run away for work. Ji Ahn, I feel for you! Come, let me hug you!

And one thing I truly love about the show is how it was able to transition from drama to comedy in a smooth way, all thanks to our cute Tae Kang. Just like Ji Ahn, I was caught off guard with his unpredictable action. Seriously, you give a crying girl a piece tissue not for her to wipe her tears away but to show her the list of things she needs to pay for. Come on boy! Ever since Scent Of A Woman I started doubting all shows that were labeled rom-com, but it seems I Do I Do is living up to its genre. I hope they will be consistent towards the end.

I also love the entire drinking sequence. I can rewind it over and over and never get tired of it. It started funny, then it became a bit sad, then it became funny again, then it became heart-wrenching sad, then it became heart-warming, then it became happy. Wonderful!

Tae Kang: Your rough speech is the reason why you can’t get a boyfriend.
Ji Ahn: It’s not that I can’t. I just choose not to.

And man! Finally we have a 30-something lead girl who is not crazy over getting a boyfriend, having a relationship, getting married and having kids! I sooo love her answer to Tae Kang. I just don’t get it why a lot of our Korean drama characters believe that their happiness depends on finding the right guy. Even my dear Kim Sam Soon whom I truly adore is crazy over finding her Mr. Right. Alright, so Ji Ahn may not be happy. But she doesn’t think that her happiness depends on a guy. And I find it really ‘epic’ how she criticize men in general while swishing a green chili pepper! Chili peppers symbolizes a man’s genitalia, right? Show, you are quite brave (but really, what’s the matter, it’s just a drunk lady who loves spicy stuff that’s why she’s holding a green pepper!)!

To many Kim Sun Ah fans, the drunks-on-the-street scene is quite reminiscent of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – the guy assist the girl who can barely walk straight, girl started talking to the guy thinking of him as a different person (Sam Soon talked to Jin Hun as if he was her ex-boyfriend, Ji Ahn talking to Tae Kang as if he’s one of her employees), guy can no longer stand drunk girl and leaves her alone. But I must say it is a better version. Again, finally, no piggy-back rides (thank you very much).

However, why does Ji Ahn have to live in Gongju… not… uhm.. Gwanju. 😦 I already know from the news and behind the scene photos many weeks ago that Ji Ahn is not a Seoullite and her hometown is somewhere outside Seoul. I was hoping against all hopes that it’s gonna be Gwanju… but… it’s Gongju. That was close (not distance wise)!

Anyway, I am really REALLY REALLY glad how they executed the entire sequence from the moment it started to rain, to Tae Kang leaving Ji Ahn alone in the rain, to Ji Ahn’s heartbreaking monologue, to Tae Kang heartwarming return with his big umbrella and all, until our delinquent son and daughter decided to stick together. Aww, I have repeated this scene almost a hundred times already!

I just so love their drunken moments… too bad it looks like it’s never gonna happen again since Ji Ahn will be preggers soon…

And yes, another well executed scene – the ‘morning after’. Kudos to the writer and the director. I love their treatment towards the ‘morning after’. First it was very sexy (역시 우리 김슷하이다!). Second, it was very ‘mature’ I must say. Yeah drama, enough of the blame game. They are two adults (although one looks and sometimes acts like 15) who got drunk, checked in a motel, and did the deed. It maybe a mistake but I’m glad no one blamed the other for taking advantage of her and no one blamed the other for seducing him/her. I also love that they spent a great deal of time on this scene, from self-introduction, to pleasantries, to I-can’t-remember-a-thing (which I bet are all lies!), to who gets up first, to handing throwing over an underwear, to dressing up. I love LOVE LOVE this scene!!!

And say what? It was Tae Kang’s first time? Oh ho! I’d say What’s Up Fox? anyone? I was a bit worried too that it might be too close to What’s Up Fox? but while watching Episode 1, I never see any What’s Up Fox? here. I’d say I only saw I Do I Do. Similarities? It can’t be helped especially if your premise is quite similar I’d say. Anyhow, I’m excited to see Ji Ahn’s reaction when she finds out that Tae Kang lost his virginity to her. I’m just so glad he already finished military service sparing Ji Ahn the embarrassing moment of having to send the father of her baby to the army (that would be too much for her).

And here goes my Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada). And although Hwang Ji Ahn was, somehow, pegged after Miranda Priestly, and even though I loooove Miranda Priestly I think I’ll love Hwang Ji Ahn more. She seems like a Miranda with a slightly bigger heart. She is not as scary, as cold and as unreasonable as Miranda (I’d say asking your employees to come in 2 hrs earlier despite having to render overtime is still more reasonable than asking an employee to book you a flight on a drizzling stormy day and also asking your employee to get the unpublished manuscript of Harry Potter book 7). But she is respected, feared – yes, smart and very passionate towards her work. She’s actually nice, but she’ll easily snap once provoked. And if Miranda has her trademark “That’s all”,  our Korean Miranda snaps her finger every now and then (aww, I love how Kim Sun Ah does it *snaps fingers*).

I’m not really into shoes and i only have a pair of sneakers but I must say the shoe closet is AWESOME (but, is it just me or can we really see the same shoe that Tae Kang submitted to the contest on Episode 2 there on her shoe closet? Near the 15 mark? Mr. Production Designer and Mr. Art Director, please tell me I’m just seeing things)!

Now I don’t know if the scene on the clinic was intentionally meant to be a what… parody (?)  of Scent Of A Woman mashed-up with What’s Up Fox? but I swear I cringed when Ji Ahn asked 많이 심각해? (Is it very serious?) and almost expected to see Dr. Chae Eun Seok’s face instead telling her her stomach is full of stools. Seriously, I was afraid it’s gonna be another What’s Up Fox? wherein she’ll have some sort of tumor on her ovaries and it needs to be removed. Or worse, cancer ala Scent of a Woman. I’m glad it’s an early menopause, but I just don’t get why does the doctor needs to be overly dramatic?

I like how the scene revealed how busy a woman Ji Ahn is (ouch!). And I also like her very casual reaction towards it. Yet it was also revealed, that somehow, she is a bit (just a teeny bit) concerned/worried about it too.

And another ‘epic’ and unpredictable scene – the blind date scene. At first, just like everyone I guess, I was disturbed with the “my mommy” banter of Dr. Eun Seong, but it turned out to be quite a cool blind date for both of them.

And here I am with my second-lead syndrome. The cute Tae Kang or Dr. Jo Eun Seok who is capable, a seemingly perfect match to Ji Ahn, and not to mention handsome? God help me! This is just Episode 1 and my heart is torn between these 2 guys. Actually I am more biased to Eun Seong after this scene. Him and Ji Ahn clicked right away. And it would actually be perfect for Ji Ahn. Her parents approve of her. He’s a doctor. They are of the same age, same social status. I mean, just imagine how complicated things will be with Tae Kang? A high school graduate Tae Kang. A shoe imitator Tae Kang. An immature Tae Kang. A young Tae Kang. Lead guys, why are you so complicated? And why do you keep making the lead girls cry? Why the second leads are always perfect? I can sense a heartbreak for me in the future… because I know that Ji Ahn and Eun Seong will never EVER end up together… Kdramaland doesn’t permit that. 😥 But the thing is, this looks like the drama’s going to be more and more interesting. It’s not a matter of who will Ji Ahn choose, the father of your child that you love (I bet she’ll love him in the future) or a perfect match guy that you don’t love that much? because we all know who’ll end up with her anyway. But it’s the fact that it’s going to be difficult for Ji Ahn to chose between the two guys. Sigh. One minute I was spazzing over Tae Kang and his cuteness overload. And the next I want to hit him for impregnating Ji Ahn because that would make Ji Ahn and Eun Seong impossible.

Overall it was not just a fun and hilarious episode, but it’s also very touching. I also like how the plot moved and how “full” the first episode was.

많이 아프지?

많이 놀랐지?

I love the parallelism of Tae Kang’s love for his Beyonce and how Ji Ahn loves her shoes, treating them as human… talking to them as if they were little kids. Is this an indication how they will be towards their child in the future? I was worried that they’ll be the craziest parents in the world, but seeing how they are capable of loving a motorbike and a high heels this way, then I’m feeling a bit more at ease in their parenting abilities. I’m also thinking, will there come a time in the future when they would have to sacrifice those things that they truly treasure for each other… or for their future baby?

Who says only my guys (Hyun Bin, Cha Seung Won, Lee Dong Wook) can have a shower scene?

And I specially love our Ji Ahn and it’s not just because I am a Kim Sun Ah fan. I love how she resembles a typical Kdrama guy more than the typical Kdrama girl. She is rich and successful. She is ditching blind dates. And she fatefully met a guy very different from her world. I love how smart and witty and strong she is. Reminds me so much of Kim Sam Soon’s don’t-you-dare-mess-with-me attitude which is, somehow, quite rare in Kdramaland. I love how Ji Ahn is in control and is not some damsel in distress (that’s overpopulation Kdramaland) that needs to be saved. And even if the way she ran out of her father’s 70th birthday party is a ‘Cinderella moment’, I don’t see a typical Cinderella here.

I also love how we are all aware already of what’s gonna happen to Ji Ahn making us engaged on the show. It makes me want to warn the characters in advance, especially Ji Ahn, “Hey your life will change drastically. Get ready.”

This is the 4th drama of Kim Sun Ah that I am watching live. Still, I can’t understand the entire drama yet while watching it live, but I can say I’ve improved especially if I compare it when I was watching When It’s At Night or City HallI can somehow understand what’s happening and what they were saying now, but there are still a lot of new words that I don’t know, and when missed, could entirely change my understanding of the drama. Sigh, I realized I still have to study a lot… hopefully on Sun Ah Unnie’s next drama, I would understand it better. For the meantime, I’ll learn as much as I can as I watch I Do I Do.

New words I learned from this episode:

호적 family registry
수리비 repair cost
칠순 잔치 70th birthday party
장례식 funeral쪼꼬맹이
지방 province, district (outside seoul)
위험 danger
야 너 걸렸다! (너 딱 걸렸어!)
필름이 끊겼다 – to be blacked out
베개 – pillow
외박 – sleep out
계부 – step father
폐경 – menopause
생리통 – menstrual cramps
입양 – adoption
산부인과 의사 – gynecologist


4 thoughts on “[드라마] I Do, I Do Episode 1 Ramblings

  1. I share the same sentiments Dia. I always seems to have a connection with Kim Sun Ah’s characters (probably except for When its at Night). Its one of the reason her dramas always hit me straight to the heart. And again in I do I do, I know I share a lot with Hwang Ji An. I share her love for shoes (I totally envy her shoe closet..), her passion for her career, her parents issues, and her views on marriage. I think, like her other characters (Sam Soon, Mi Rae and Yeon Jae), I will hear a lot of my thoughts coming out of Sun Ah’s lips. Oh, and the second lead… I love him already. What is it with kdrama??? Why do they always give us the perfect guy as Second Leads and never let us have them??? What is wrong with this kdrama writers??? Stop giving us the perfect second leads. I was happy enough that Dr. Blind Date have “mommy” issues, only that imperfections was swiftly taken away to reveal another Dr. Perfect. And Motorcycle first lead is again perfectly complicated.

    I also love your view that the Ji-An’s introduction in episode 1 is more for a kdrama hero rather than for a heroine. She is rich and successful. She is more like the Prince Charming, down to the shower scene. She is the one that ditches blind dates (reminds me of Samshik) and more concerned about her career (reminds me of Jo Guk). Ohhhh… I hope this drama delivers.

    • Yeah, something must be really wrong with “When It’s At Night” No, no, no. I must remind myself that it’s the drama that brought Suna Unnie back to television. If not for that drama, we might not have a City Hall, a Scent Of A Woman and an I Do I Do to enjoy. So, When It’s At Night, thank you. But my love for you will only be that much. Haha.
      I loved episode 2 too. I have a strong belief that this drama will deliver. Especially now that I’ve confirmed it is a novel. I’m sure it’s gonna be good. So, drama, please, don’t disappoint me. 🙂

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