My 저하: A Rooftop Prince Rambling

I was not really planning on watching Rooftop Prince. Not that I’m not interested, but I was too busy with school and I still have tons of unfinished dramas to watch. But because of this post of Hangukdrama, I got curious. The short 헐 scene is quite ‘epic’ and at the same time it introduced me to the premise of the drama – and it caught my interest. For someone who just started on watching 사극s what’s more funny and interesting to see a Joseon prince along with his 3 minions roaming around busy Seoul, palace outfits, attitude, gestures, 말투 and all.

I thought it will be difficult to sit through the first episode because I’m already excited to see the (mis)adventures of the 4 Joseon guys thrown right in the middle of Seoul. But the first episode was really good that I actually wished that they were not transported to Seoul anymore and just continue with the murder mystery and all. Nonetheless, when the Seoul misadventures began I was hooked.

I am totally sold with the concept. And everything is so funny! And I particularly enjoy the 말투 in present day Seoul.

And I sooo love 저하. I remember telling my mom, whoever this actor playing the prince is really good. He could even level up with Hyun Bin. Only to find out later that he is DBSK’s Micky Yoochun. The Yoochun my classmates are crazy about. I only know him by name (thanks to my classmates), but the clueless-about-Kpop-and-Korean-music me only found out it was him after a few episodes. Well, well, well. Now that I know him, I’m sorry kiddos, but Unnie’s gonna snatch him away from you. 저하 is mine!

Actually 저하 is not far from the typical Korean drama lead guy – those arrogant chaebols! But this time, we have a legit reason for his arrogance. He IS a prince! So he’s used to giving orders, people following him, taking care of him, and doing what he wants. And he is go goddamn good-looking! My 저하!!! This is, I think, the first time I ever spazzed over an actor that has never been paired with Kim Sun Ah.

Oh the minions! Yes all three of them! I sooo adore them! I wish to turn them into keychains so that I could carry them around anywhere I go. They are just sooo adorable, right?

It’s also a I-promise-just-one-more-episode drama for me. The kind when you’ll crave for the next episode even if it’s 4am already. Probably the reason why I was able to finally managed to finish a series.

I also love the OST. Or should I say, I love 한참 지나서. I’ve had it on loop since the day I got a copy. And that song joined me through all of my all-nighters to finish a school paper.

If there’s anything I hate (aside from Tae Mu and his inability to successfully murder anyone and Se Na and her never-ending lies) are the kisses. Any Kim Sun Ah fan would know why (haha!). I really really don’t understand why, up to this day, I still can see Lovers-In-Paris-kind-of-kiss-let’s-just-press-our-lips-together? Well, the last kiss though was good, so I’ll let the first kisses pass.

There were some episodes, or maybe not episodes but scenes, that are a bit dragging… then I feel that episode 19 was quite fast – too fast. But it’s the kind of show that I enjoyed a lot, enough for me to forgive the its shortcomings… the lousy kisses… too much PPL… or how come the rooftop apartment’s floor area suddenly became bigger when they renovated it… and why did the writer seemingly forgot that there were two other cast members by the names of Mimi and Becky (whom I adore!).

Becky, Mimi, what happened to you girls? ㅠㅠ

And what makes the show special for me is the wonderful and unexpected ending.

I’ve always had my doubts on this show because somehow I have a 49 Days feeling over this show. It was good and it’s keeping me engaged, but a minor mistake could ruin it.

My first issue was Bu Yong in Joseon. First, our 저하 doesn’t love Bu Yong and is madly in love with her crown princess. Just look at how devastated he was over her death. Also the murder in Joseon. It kinda looks like it was Bu Yong who poisoned her sister. It’s quite logical. But of course we didn’t want it to happen because she’s our lead girl. But… how?

Then all the having-to-return-to-Joseon brouhaha and Lee Gak leaving Bak Ha with Tae Yong. I don’t want that to happen! Bak Ha fell in love with Lee Gak, not the comatose Tae Yong. I was one of those who wished that Tae Yong will be sent to Joseon instead of Lee Gak.

But I’m glad that it didn’t end up like 49 Days. I was very very very satisfied with the ending.

I love how it was actually Bu Yong whom Lee Gak was weeping for. It was something I have never imagined will happen. And I love it.

I also like the fact that the show was able to convince us (at least me), that it doesn’t matter whether it is Lee Gak or Tae Yong because Tae Yong is in fact a reincarnation of Lee Gak. After 300 years, his soul was able to find Bu Yong’s soul who is now Bak Ha. So there’s really no Tae Yong and Lee Gak; and Bu Yong and Bak Ha. Tae Yong and Lee Gak is one. So is Bu Yong and Bak Ha.

It’s just a bit sad though that Bak Ha will no longer see 저하 and his minions. And it’s heartbreaking that, although 저하 managed to find a way to communicate to Bak Ha, there’s no way for her to reach him in Joseon.

The saddest wedding in a Kdrama ever! Just thinking about this scene right now makes me teary-eyed.

It’s a kind of a bittersweet ending for me. Something that I haven’t felt in a long time after completing a drama. It kinda gave me the same feeling I had when I watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – poignant, bittersweet ending.

I’m glad they did not show this photo without 저하 and his minions. I would die if they did. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I also like the lessons from this drama. Something quite similar to My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Not having to worry about the future and just cherish every moment.

박하: 그러니까 하자고. 우리 남들하는 대로 하자. 결혼할 사람들 100년, 200년 같이 살 줄 알고 결혼하나? 나는 하루라도 족해.
이각: 미련하게 왜 이러느냐?
박하: 저하 말대로라면 모든 결혼은 새드엔딩이겠네? 언제 헤어질 줄도 알고. 괜히 우리 먼저 헤어질 거 생각하고 아무것도 못하는 겁쟁이처럼있지 말자. 나, 남들하는 것처럼 하고 싶어. 중간에 멈춰지는 게 우리 운명이라면 어쩔 수 없는 거지, 뭐.
이각: 왜 그런 고통스러운 기억을 만들려는 게냐?
박하: 그게 왜 고통이야? 나는 너랑 결혼했었다는 추억을 가지고 싶은 거야. 결혼한다면 너랑 하고 싶은 거라고.

This drama did make it to my top10 dramas. And I would love to re-watch and re-watch and re-watch Rooftop Prince.

But unfortunately I have to let my 저하 and 박하 go right away because my Suna Unnie’s drama just started. I have a self-imposed drama ban whenever Kim Sun Ah has a currently airing drama. I must not watch any other drama and just give my full attention, heart and soul on her drama. Haha!

But in all honesty, I’m having a hard time letting go of Rooftop Prince. I still want to savor the moments and re-watch this drama over and over… and it’s probably why I Do I Do hasn’t capture my heart yet. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Rooftop Prince yet. I Do I Do just give me awesome episodes will you?

어디 있었어요?
나는 계속 여기 있었는데.

300년이 지나도…. 당신을 사랑합니다.

What a beautiful love story. *sniff, sniff* 우리 저하, 박하야, 잘 살아~


3 thoughts on “My 저하: A Rooftop Prince Rambling

  1. I was gonna work on a post about my thoughts on RP. XD I watched RP because of Yoochun. *squeals* At first, I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT funny but I got scolded for laughing really loud at 3AM. ^^;; I absolutely love RP. I’m having a hard time letting go of it too. OTL I was actually wondering where Mimi and Becky went. I was also satisfied with the ending. I think one of the most heartbreaking scenes for me was when Lee Gak pretended not to know Park Ha and just walked on. Even though he was dying to tell her that it’s him, he had to continue pretending for the sake of protecting Yong Tae Yong’s position in the company. TT__TT I want a boyfriend like 저하~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. that was a nice post. I finished watching it just this early morning at 7 after spending an all nighter just to finish it. I really liked this drama. I am not sure if I’ll write a review or not, considering how lazy I am. thank you. – prash

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