I Do I Do campaign! 시작!

Following Kim Sun Ah‘s “command” to join her in campaigning for her upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama, I Do I Do, I’m sharing this poster – edited by Kim Sun Ah herself.

Posted in Kim Sun Ah’s Official Facebook Page


Kim☆star’s first… experience!


For the first time I made a poster by myself!

Well…! Copy like the way I’m thinking
Well…! Using photoshop sofly ~~
Well..! All the things to promote my new drama ~ (>_<)

It has portrait rights…
(I wanna warn you in advanced. You’ll be in serious trouble if you use this photo to promote other productions)

But only for my drama^^ I want all of you guys to join in drama campaign promotion ~! With this ambition I did on the way back home after filming diligently…

Kim star making poster round 1!!!
Pretending to be crazy and posted this photo~
Well~ 페 떴 (phetteok = facebook?),
트위 스터 (twister = twitter), 미 1 (me1 = me2/me2day) ,카 툰 (katoon = kakaotalk???), 틱 틱 (tic tic = ?), 라 임 (raim = ?) ,
마이 인간들 (my family = ?) ,왓 job (what job = ?), DC Gallery~Ah~~~ We have so much hehehe

(alodia: I think she played with the names of social networking sites here!)

Will all of you join the drama campaign promotion?

Yes , I Do I Do~~~~~^^

In this late ambitious night..!
I’m sorry if there were people awaken by the “alarm”!!!!!

Everyone, please take care
And always be happy….^^

And good night~(^_−)−☆
Good ~~ night~~~~^•^


This thing is called marketing promotion……
Looking at the result…It may make you feel lonely…You can do it or not. But when you can do this, let’s do your best as much as possible,,,,!!
The way we go together…hihi Let’s participate together.
I DO I DO ………. And shout it…….!!*^^*


R-19 (for adult’s only) photo..?? U..h..m.,,,

Whenever, a drama is drama!!!! Hihi

Translated by: Suh Zin

*I edited it a bit. 🙂

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