Cuteness Overload: Kim Sun Ah & Lee Jang Woo

Woah this two! Ooozing with cuteness and chemistry! Why, why, why? Why are you only 26 seconds? 😦

And yes Suna Unnie, thanks for reminding me I SHOULD be studying my Mandarin this summer vacation too!


*Originally uploaded by Kim Sun Ah on her webio


5 thoughts on “Cuteness Overload: Kim Sun Ah & Lee Jang Woo

    • I believe she is learning Chinese. She can speak basic Chinese (like on the video) and also write. Though she once said before that it’s difficult. She is fluent in Japanese, thus she knows lots of Chinese characters from Kanji.
      About the posts in webio, she is the one posting there but she has a translator. So most posts are duplicated. The first one would be Kim Sun Ah’s written message that’s mostly Korean, although sometimes she writes some Chinese too. Then the translator would re-post the photo with the translated message in Chinese. Recently some photos were from her original post in Facebook and, I believe, translated by her translator and posted in webio.

  1. sorry coz its off topic. I’m looking for KSA’s movies and I wonder if there any website where I can download her movies? I have a few collections (S-Diary, Ero Chris, She’s on duty) and I just wanna watch others. hope u can help me… : )

    • There are many websites to download Korean movies… but the thing is, after megaupload was shut down, it’s now difficult to get download links of Korean movies, especially old ones. Is there something in particular you are looking for? I can probably try to look for it but I can’t guarantee if I can find them. 😥

      • really? ur so generous… Im looking girl scout mov. i read bout the synopsis and it seem good to me. I also looking yesterday mov coz i’m dying to watch KSA’s action mov beside she’s on duty. it’s ok if u cant find them and im not try to urge you coz i know ur bz with ur work n KSA’s new drama. thanks gain n huggssss.

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