A busy summer

I made lots of plans for summer. But I’ve never done most, if not all, of them. I’m taking summer classes (Introduction to Linguistics Field Method) and it started not too long ago. It’s what’s keeping me busy lately (plus occasional translations of Kim Sun Ah‘s upcoming drama I Do I Do related stuff).

I’ve been going out of town for our field work these past weeks and we had our intensive research on field yesterday and the day before. We’re doing a dialectology and an ethnolinguistics paper for this research. It was so much fun. Way more fun that what we expected. But it left me with an empty wallet, a sore throat (from unending interviews with the locals) and aching muscles.

I just want to sleep all day long but the weather’s terribly hot at home and my room feels like the inside of an oven. So I dragged my sleepy self outside and am now in a coffee shop enjoying the music, fast wi-fi and the air-conditioner.

There are many posts I wanted to write/finish writing for my blog and for ssk, but I can’t find time to write recently. Will try to finish some drafts as soon as we’re done compiling all the data we collected from our field work.

Right now I’m trying to edit my piece for the speech contest next month… but seems like my brain has melted due to the extreme heat… I’m too sleepy to think of anything… I hope after a few more minutes of cool air, my brain will function again. I’ll try to read some blog entries of blogs I followed and to answer some emails too… before falling asleep in this very comfy couch in this lovely coffee shop. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A busy summer

  1. hello,i am a BIG cityhall fan from China,i saw some vedios post by an hongkong fan and she mentioned she met you on facebook,so i just “facebook” you~first of all,i appreciate your work,i believe other china fan too,translated into english was really helpful,thank you~~anyway,i found some cityhall DVD vedios,but most of them just don’t make any sense to me.I don’t know if your translated all the vedios,i only saw three pieces,so can you show me a way to watch them?thank you~i apprecite this

    • Hi men men! I just saw your request in facebook and i added you. Ironically me and a friend was just talking about the City Hall Director’s Cut DVD last night. I’ve only translated one out of the 5 part videos (and I guess you’ve already seen it). I still haven’t gotten the time to translate the rest… but I will… I still will… soon. I’ll let you know here or in facebook or email once I’m done. 🙂

      • thank you~i know there’s a lot of work to do,so thank you again~i probably will use facebook a lot,so if you could let me know on facebook,that would be perfect~idoido is coming soon,hopefully we will all have an excellent experience,i guess that’s for sure~
        thank you~

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