Passing my Chinese class! ^___^

I thought I’m going to get a very low grade, but I ended up getting a decent one (given that I messed up my oral exams!). I realized that I could’ve gotten a higher grade if I only worked harder.

Nonetheless I’m happy, not just with my grade but with the class as well. I never got the chance to enjoy my Japanese class 2 semesters ago. O.o

I have to take 4 more Mandarin classes, so I have to study harder. It’s been 12 days since I last opened my Mandarin textbooks and it seems like I’ve forgotten more than half of what I’ve learned in the past few months. I must study this summer vacation!

Here’s our final project for our Mandarin class. We were required to sing a song and make a music video out of it. We’ve kinda taken it seriously and I’m happy with our output. 🙂 This song has been playing on my head for many weeks while I was editing the video. I had fun doing this. I love my groupmates!

6 thoughts on “Passing my Chinese class! ^___^

  1. Great music video! Some nice editing in there! Wow I can’t even sing like this in the one other language I’m learning yet but you’re well on your way to being a polyglot!!!! Very jealous : )

    • Thanks! But I’m stuck with a very old school editing software and I refuse to learn the new ones out there. XD
      Hehehe, if I say I don’t understand a word I’m singing (plus the fact that we are singing/pronouncing the words incorrectly) would you still be jealous? 😛

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