“I Do I Do” still have a secured timeslot and pilot broadcast date

by: Iviih of soompi

Although there are no new updates about I Do, I Do (EDIT: Oops! There is! A new article came up today saying Park Yong Gyu has been cast as Lee Jang Woo’s father – Oh no! Hwang Ji An, meet your future father-in-law!) (EDIT 2: And the Script Reading will be on April 9!!! Can’t wait! Thanks for the info Elisa!) (EDIT 3: Park Yong Gyu has worked with Kim Sun Ah in the movie Happy Ero Christmas last 2003. Thanks Jastinel.), there were some updates about another upcoming MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin. And updates about Time Slip Dr. Jin means clarification for I Do, I Do.

According to news articles last March11, 2012, I Do, I Do will take the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot on MBC, following The King 2 Hearts. The following day news about Time Slip Dr. Jin came out stating it will take the same time slot!

Fans were confused and no news regarding the timeslots of the two dramas came out until today – for Time Slip Dr. Jin  at least. According to news, MBC officials confirmed Time Slip Dr. Jin will broadcast earlier than Faith (which has a similar plot with Time Slip Dr. Jin) sometime between June and July following Light and Shadows – a Monday – Tuesday drama. 

With that being said, I Do, I Do is still secured at the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot and, provided there will be no delays or extensions, we are expecting a May 30 pilot episode. 🙂

Looks like this is going to be the Wed - Thurs lineup


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