When I was cramming for finals and school requirements and have no time to study Korean, more so watch Korean dramas, I cheated by reading a chapter of Penguin Loves Mev once in a while.

I was not really a fan of webtoons. I tried reading some last year but I ended up not going back after reading a couple of chapters. I’d rather watch my dramas and read the script/transcripts.

But maybe because of my “craving” for something Korean, I resorted to checking webtoons again because I know I can’t afford to spend time watching dramas and completing my textbook lessons. I’m glad I came across Penguin Loves Mev among others because I totally enjoyed it and I’m now hooked.

Penguin Loves Mev is all about the lives of an interracial couple – a Korean girl (Penguin) and an Englishman (Mev).

First I liked how I can easily read it. It’s either I’m improving or the webtoon is written in a simple way (I’m guessing it’s the later because there are some webtoons that have long texts and dialogues that exhaust me). It’s also closer to home and I can somehow relate because one of the characters, Mev, is a foreigner studying Korean. I also like the cultural differences presented on the webtoon story.

There are tons of webtoons out there. I may not still be a fan of webtoons and I’m not sure if I’m gonna read some more (though there’s a new 사극 one 한섬세대 that I just recently discovered that I might follow because of the 말투), but I’m definitely going to continue reading Penguin Loves Mev.


*I wrote a new entry in Self Study Korean about Webtoons. Check it out too!


2 thoughts on “Webtoons

  1. Hi, thanks for writing about Penguin Loves Mev!!! I’m glad that you enjoy the cartoon! I hope that you’re still reading the~

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