Summer Vacation begins!

Finally sent my last requirement today! I’m free!!!

Well, actually the next 8 – 9 days will be a painful waiting game that could make or break my student life! I know I have pushed my luck too much this semester! I wish I still have enough luck left to get me through this. Anyway, after that 8 – 9 days and everything will be okay, I’ll definitely be celebrating.

After that, there will be another wait time of about 10 days for something I am really looking forward too. So I just need to get through the next 9 days.

And while in limbo, why not make my summer plans!

  • Clean room! (I love sorting my things, readings and notes everytime a semester ends)
  • Clean up my computer files (full of paper outlines, notes, reports from the previous semester).
  • Marathon Kim Sun Ah’s drama!
  • Review for TOPIK.
  • Blog!
  • Read blogs!
  • Continue TTMIK lessons.
  • Finish Sogang 3A.
  • Read My Name Is Kim Sam Soon novel.
  • Finish some of my unfinished Korean Dramas.
  • Reply to emails.
  • Start language exchange.
  • Fangirl!
  • Write long overdue 후기 in Suna Unnie’s fancafe.
  • Make long overdue MVs.
  • Finish subbing 여인의 향기 in Korean.
  • Sub City Hall Director’s Cut (looong overdue, sorry!)
  • Study Mandarin.



Not really! O.o

Actually it will end in 11 days because I have to take Summer classes. Actually it will probably end in  8 days if I’ll be accepted in a part-time job. And not to mention, I have to complete a couple of papers within 8 days as well. So all the things I wished to do, I’ll just do them in my dreams!

Nah! It’s still summer vacation! I only need to take one subject this summer semester, so I hope it will still give me some extra time (dream on, Dia! have you forgotten you have 5 hours of part-time job each day – and may even be longer later on?).

Oh well, summer semester is just 4 weeks long, so I may have some free time after summer semester and the next school term (dream on, Dia!).

Alright, there’s actually no point in reading this post full of rants. I’ll write better posts later…

Nonetheless it’s still summer vacation! I’ll just enjoy it while it last! Shall read some Korean stuff and take a nap before part-time work starts. Will start my ticking off things from my to-do list tomorrow! 🙂


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