A lazy Saturday morning

Even though all classes and are now officially over (yey!), I still have tons of linguistics papers to write (4 to be exact!) – 4 difficult papers! And I must finish all of them in tada~ 5 days!!!

I should be in am in panic mode now. But I hated that I woke up today rather lazily. Like too lazy lazy. Went through my usual online routine when I turned my laptop on – and it didn’t even excites me. Either I’m really too lifeless today or there’s not a single interesting thing out there.

I tried opening my semester’s folder and just looking at it makes my heart heavy – and in pain – literally (yeah, I can feel it!). I can’t even bring myself to open the documents that need to be done today. For some reasons, it dreads me.

Why today is too lazy, I do not know! I don’t even have any music on because I can’t think of anything that would interest me. Not even my Korean audio lessons excites me today… not even my drama OSTs… shall I try listening to Korean radio today?

I don’t know what to do! The only thing that seems to interest me today is watching The King 2 Hearts but I know it would only waste my very precious time if I start watching it. Besides… no, it’s still not yet that interesting for me (at least not this morning).

I’m thinking of probably watching an episode of a Kim Sun Ah drama… then probably watch one episode in between writing my papers for the next 5 days. I’m sure it’ll keep me going. But I’m also equally sure that it’s gonna be ‘dangerous’ once it gets out of contol. But if that would make me awake today, then shall I try it?

I hate it that for the past few weeks it seems like my brain has packed her bags and hopped on a plane to Korea leaving me behind. Come back you stupid brain! I still need you here!

Shall take a shower, eat some more breakfast, grab a cup of coffee perhaps, a bar of chocolates and probably take some energy vitamins or something. This lazy mood won’t do! Definitely not on crunch time!


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