For whomsoever it may concern

*Found this poem on First Impressions

These studies and this fatigue
The hard work at its peak
The pain is too much to bear
I’m on the verge of tearing my hair
Why can’t these exams (alodia: papers too!) get over soon?
Rest and sleep will then be a boon
Exams are a sheer test of memory
Just mug up like I did for history
ICSE syllabus was so so sweet
With ISC, my head I have to beat
Nothing goes inside, nothing is understood!!!!!
Getting not-so-good marks is the likelihood
It’s the first time I’m giving my class XI exams
So results will not be as good as mixed fruit jams
So please don’t scold me and don’t feel sad
I haven’t really worked for these exams (alodia: and papers) and I know that
I’ll (alodia: will also not) get good marks in the final you bet
I promise to you and this i won’t forget
You’ll be smiling and will feel proud of me
I’ll not let you down in the next term, you’ll see.

*I’m dying! O.o –> alodia

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