Does 물망 & 검토 중이다 means 확인 now?!

Forgive me with this rant post, but I’m starting to get really annoyed with English news circulating regarding Kim Sun Ah‘s casting in the upcoming MBC Drama I Do, I Do.

News articles in English states Kim Sun Ah is expected and will take on the role. To me “expected” and “will take on” mean confirmation.

I know I may sound overreacting. Yes, for all we know, Kim Sun Ah will really take this drama. Fine and good. But that’s beside the point. For as far as I know 물망 & 검토 중이다 doesn’t mean 확인. Even google translate can recognize the difference!

And I don’t mind if they write articles about it, but I wish they get their details right. How come Dramabeans was able to write about it a few days ago without being misleading and others can’t?


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