Recently Shanna of Hangukdrama launched a new website, is made up of a group of bloggers and contributors passionate about Korean / Korea. We primarily talk about learning Korean, but this site is an amalgamation of all things Korean.

Right now there are 10 main bloggers and I’m greatly honored to be one of them. And I’m so excited today because I finally managed to publish MY FIRST CONTRIBUTION to the site:

Is there anything better than starting off with how I learn through K-Dramas?

I will try my best to make regular contributions to I’ll primarily be writing about my personal experiences in learning Korean. I’d also like to share some fun ways on self-studying because self-studying doesn’t necessarily have to be a lonely path.

Although I’m excited to write, I’m actually more excited to read from different Korean learners too. So, if you want to join us either as a blogger or as a contributor, CHECK THIS PAGE OUT.

All my gratitude to Shanna for coming up with a wonderful idea like this; for bringing together Korean learners; and for welcoming me to be a part of this awesome community.

I’ll still be active on this blog too and will continue blogging my personal Korean language learning journey, fangirling and tons of randomness about anything and everything Korean. So please support us in and continue supporting mykoreancorner and other language learner’s blog.


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