[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] 산딸기 무스 케이크

I’ve always been curious regarding the cakes used in the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and we basically have information about most of them, except for one used, not on the drama, but on the photo shoot.

I want to get some photos of the exact cake that Sam Soon was holding in the poster of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon but I don’t know what’s it called even in English. So I googled some Korean keywords until I came across some Korean blogs and I found out what kind of cake it is.

It’s called 산딸기 무스 케이크 (Raspberry mousse cake). It’s fun being able to get the information I needed by using Korean keywords. Today I learned what raspberry is and probably will never forget it (because at first I thought it was some sort of a strawberry 달기 that grows in the mountains 산 O.o)

I miss Kim Sam Soon. 😦 I want to eat this cake now!!!

10 thoughts on “[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] 산딸기 무스 케이크

    • Gisela!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you! 🙂 I’ll definitely find this cake too when I get a change to go to Korea. I’ve read somewhere that the cakes used in MNIKSS is actually being served by the hotel used in the drama. But I’ve read that a long time ago, I’m not even sure if I’m remembering it right. XD

  1. Hi!! I’ve actually a huge fan of the drama and have loved it ever since it came out. Recently I’m rekindling my love for the drama and wanted to ask if you have the names of the desserts she made in the drama? Especially the one in episode 8 where she made a cake for hyun bin thinking he was sick…Thanks!!

    • Hi!
      The one she made for Hyun Bin is called Mille-feuille (French. Translated as ‘thousand leaves/thousand sheets’).
      The one she brought in her job interview (that she threw in Hyun Bin’s face) is Mango Mousse Cake.
      The chocolates she made at dawn (remember the “one day the body asked the heart” scene), were simply called bon bon au chocolat in a Korean website, but other people say they are truffles.
      The cookies she made with Hyun Bin and his niece are called checkered cookies.
      The cream-puff tower engagement cake she made for her ex and Chae Ri is called croquembouche.
      The ice-cream princess she served to a philandering husband is called Marquise Glacée (though when I google Marquise Glacée it shows many different looks of the same type of icecream-cake. I’m not sure what exactly the princess version is called. but in the drama, sam soon just said Marquise Glacée)
      The first cake she tasted among the 70 that Hyun Bin ordered at Duchamp is called tarte bourdaloue while the cookie/cake she gave to Hyun Bin is called a basque cake.
      The first order that came to Patteseire Samsuni is a Honey Mousse Cake.
      And of course we have Madeleine. 🙂
      That’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

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