Translating Entertainment News Articles

I often attempt to translate entertainment news articles about Kim Sun Ah in soompi. As far as I can remember I often have disclaimers that my translations may not be accurate. And I was confused on many words and sentences that I also often leave some lines out or resort to saying: “She said something about how particular the cinematographer was… or how the director wanted the cinematographer to be very particular… or how the director was very particular but not the cinematographer…. I’m not so sure.”

Last year I started being able to translate entire new articles (short ones) and Kim Sun Ah’s Me2day messages for her fans. I’m happy doing that, but translating exhausts me so much! And it often takes me at least 30 minutes to an hour. But I felt differently with the last article (previous post) I attempted to translate. It took me less than 10 minutes. I understood everything at first reading even if there are a few new words present. I only had to look for a few words in the dictionary to write an accurate translation. And I was not exhausted at all afterwards.

And the most amazing thing for me is when I saw Dramabeans’ post about the same news a few minutes after I did my translation. I was so happy when I read it and saw that we had the same understanding of the article.

I guess my TOPIK preparation is paying off. It’s either that, or I’m just very enthusiastic about the news article. Or the article is just easy and simple.

Anyway, I now understood what totor meant when she said:

 “…and imagine how happy I was whenever we had the same translation!”

— i’m not 요조!

I felt exactly the same last night!


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