Update on “I Do, I Do”

A new article came out today regarding the upcoming MBC drama, I Do, I DoHowever there’s still no confirmation regarding the casting of Kim Sun Ah, but this time, there’s a hint regarding the storyline.

According to MyDaily, Kim Sun Ah is a strong candidate as the female lead. The people behind the drama has already sent their offer/proposal to Kim Sun Ah and she is in the middle of reviewing it. If this will push trough, this will be Kim Sun Ah’s return to MBC after 4 years. Her last drama with MBC is When It’s At Night   last 2009. The production is still looking for a possible leading man, among current Hallyu stars.

The drama that is set to air this coming May is a hilarious romantic comedy about a Gold Miss (an unmarried woman of marriageable age) who is a successful shoe designer in a shoe company (In Time With You anyone?) who gets in trouble and got pregnant after a “one night mistake” with a rookie employee.

Kim Sun Ah’s role as a terminally ill patient, was well received, on last year’s SBS drama Scent Of A Woman.

My reaction? I’ve read from some Facebook friends that Jung Yong Hwa was being considered in this drama, and I can’t understand why. Now I know why. But this kinda reminds me so so so much of Foxy Lady/What’s Up Fox? (of Kim Sam Soon writer – Kim Do Woo) – a one night stand with a noona, only this noona is not a girl next door, rather an elegant one (me imagining Ariel Lin’s look from In Time With You since Ariel is a manager of a shoe company in that drama). I guess a lot of Kim Sun Ah’s fans will be very happy. They’ve been wanting to see a glamorous Kim Sun Ah in a drama for once. Me, I’m not yet sure… it’s always easy for me to relate to Kim Sun Ah’s character because they were always the average girls from Kim Sam Soon to Heo Cho Hee to Shin Mi Rae to Lee Yeon Jae. I’m kinda aloof with classy, glamorous characters AND am not a fan of May-December love affairs (since I’m not into “flower boys” either). Let’s just wait and see. After all Kim Sun Ah hasn’t confirmed the drama yet. Although seeing a pregnant Kim Sun Ah and a Kim Sun Ah with a baby kinda excites me!!!

Dia, who are you kidding. It’s a Kim Sun Ah drama. Even if she takes a role of a tree, I’m sure you’ll love her to death still, isn’t it? XD


4 thoughts on “Update on “I Do, I Do”

  1. I hope it’s not Yong Hwa. I mean, I like him alright, but he’s not going to be able to stand against Sun Ah unni. Which younger man could be able to carry the role well? Although I like Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho, I think they’ve done this type of story (May-December) before. I hope it’s someone else.

    • Chun Jung Myung did a great job as Park Cheol Soo in What’s Up Fox. I hope it’ll be someone as good as him. I’ve always wanted Jung Il Woo to work with Unni. How about Song Joong Ki? He and Unni look great in Running Man and he was good in Tree With Deep Roots. I’m starting to get really excited!

      • omaigulay omaigulay. how come i never thought of my Joong Ki? i’m certain he can hold his own against Unni. And he looks so young. Thanks for getting me excited too. I’m praying it will be him. He needs a new drama. And he can do comedy.

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